A Hermes Newbie does some damage...Pics of my dance on the orange side!

  1. So I usually haunt the Balenciaga thread, but lately I find myself just loving the scarfs and leather jewelry of Hermes, and since I am so impatiently awaiting my Balenciaga bags from the S/S 2008, I decided to dance in the orange. You ladies like stripteases, so here goes! :flowers:



    what could be in those boxes? I wonder! PS: I got soooo lucky yesterday because my Hermes SA (Vegas) is the most amazing woman on earth, she secured for me a rare bird...when I went to pick it up yesterday at Hermes, one of the other SAs said she's never even seen one IRL, that's how rarely Hermes Boston get them.
  2. Ooooh!!! What a great start!!
  3. Wow! This ought to be good! Bring it on!:woohoo:
  4. Should we guess what's in there, or let ya tell us??
    I have guesses....but I will put them in white in case you want it to be a series of surprises!<a twilly for sure, two scarves, a scarf ring, possibly a jumbo necklace or bracelet, and a CDC bracelet>
  5. I love this kinda damage!!!!
  6. Yummy!
    Can't wait to see the unveil!
  7. Wow! CynthiaNYC you are no stranger to Hermes! lol You have them all except one! I'm not that big of a tease, here are 3 of them...

    Here is the Twilly, a Les Cles in Vert:

    To match my Bal bag in Pine with Gold hardware:

    And a lovely Fuschia Kelly Double Tour:

    My De Tout Coeur Scarf in the Navy CW because I loved *Lo's so much!

    And my amazing little Collier de Chien ring that I literally called every Hermes to find!
    twilly.JPG de tout coeur.JPG cdc ring.JPG kelly double.JPG
  8. i love it!!! another H-obsessor!!!
    And my amazing little Collier de Chien ring that I literally called every Hermes to find!
  9. And finally! My Black Box with Palladium Collier de Chien bracelet! I did not expect to get it so soon, I only asked my SA to put me on the list for one last week! I adore it and I want more! lol I am down for a White Epsom with Palladium and I'm debating a Black Box with Gold and a Rouge Epsom with Palladium. :nuts: I need to stop before I spend all of my graduation present money before I technically graduate!


    and the pair modeled together...don't mind my chubby fingers, they're a bit swollen, I've been typing my Directed Study Final Paper for the past 2 days and I keep cracking my knuckles and they look awful! lol


    And oh my goodness! I'm going to be in Rome from January until May, FCO Airport in Rome has a duty free Hermes! I just read that in this forum. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Hope you guys liked my little Hermes offerings, I am sure you'll see me be more of a fixture around this forum. :heart:
    cdc bracelet.JPG cdcs.JPG
  10. oh you did GOOD!!!!
  11. Oooooh whoops! Forgot something! I thought I did! lol I didn't take a picture separately, but it's a Grey Bolduc Pochette that I bought for another Balenciaga bag I have:

  12. Wow... fab new goodies!!! Congratulations!
  13. Gorgeous loot..love love love the black box CDC!
  14. oooh what a great haul!!! The black box CDC is gorgeous!!!

    You selected some lovely things!! There is no hope for you now, LOL!
  15. Wow, that's a haul and a half :nuts: I'm particularly jealous of your black & pal CDC bracelet, I really want one. Fantastic, enjoy!!!