A hearty welcome from my SA

  1. I was there yesterday during my usual time. My SA had commented that several of you had sent him thank you cards for your time during the NYC meet. I just wanted to convey his gratitude at such a thoughtful gesture.:flowers:
  2. HG that is so nice!! Sounds like you all had a great time - wish I was there!! I did finally speak with Claude the other day about a couple of things - what a gentleman!!!
  3. Well HG, so H ladies made you proud huh :smile:

    I truly hope to be able to visit NY soon!!
  4. Class acts all of you!!!
  5. HG, i'm sure your SA loved to wait on the lovely tPF ladies! they're a class act!
  6. All the SAs at H were just lovely when we were all there, incredibly patient and accommodating.
  7. Very nice!
  8. tPfers know how to do things right!
  9. He's fantastic......truly a charming, helpful person and much adored. I have him on speed-dial!!!!! LMAO!!!! (I'm sure he's thrilled about THAT...............)
  10. Is that you who keeps calling him, or Muffin?:p
  11. He's a sweetie, send him my best!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. I totally agree with all the comments! :yes: Class Act!


  14. Dang cat.......NOW she knows how to SPEED DIAL!!!!! :wtf:
  15. You know, it's gotta be those double-jointed paws.;) I'm sure she gets a little help from Leo, too.