A healthy snack of toasted almond...

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  1. I received my OTR in Toasted Almond last Friday and the bag is YUMMY!! Not only is the colour a warm butter pecan, it is so smooshy from the get go. It slouches nicely and is very roomy as well. The LUX is AWESOME! Great colour saturation and no corner fade.

    My fave part of the bag is how feminine and girly it is with the pleats in the front. The purple lining is yummy as well!

    DeDe look some great pics in here reveal and I will post some pics later, as I have misplaced my USB cord right now.

    I got this bag from Cjour.com and they were great to work with. All in all a bug THUMBS up on the OTR!

    Toasted almond was what I was hoping bella saddle would be like, but I'm glad that they are different so I can justify 2 tannish bags.
  2. Oh YAY Kings!! Cannot wait to see it!!
  3. :heart: toasted almond do post pics soon!
  4. I love the look of this bag! Can't wait to see your pics!
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    The colour is pretty accurate in this pic. I really love the design of this bag. Too bad it was only CTO, as it is a great bag.

  6. :faint::faint: That is one classy lookin' Tano bag my friend!!! Gorgeous!!!!
  7. So pretty!
  8. Yummy!!

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    Looks like it was CTO for a King(s). :biggrin: It is really a gorgy color. Enjoy Kings!!
  10. It is lovely..and what a gorgeous color!
  11. Thxs for the compliments everyone! I am on a ban now, so will be enjoying the lovely bags in my closet.

    Angellove, your avatar reminded me of my bluberry GW so will be using her tomorrow!
  12. beautiful kings!! i am in-love with this color now!
  13. ^^

    It's a gorgeous neutral!

    I can't type today lol. I noticed a bunch of typos in my posts.
  14. Gosh that bag is SOOOOOOO pretty! I adore the pleated details and the color is lovely, very classy!

  15. Hi Kings,

    Yes it is my new blueberry GW I recieved a few weeks ago I bought to take on a trip :yahoo:It is a really nice looking bag. I didn't do a reveal so I figured I would give her some avatar time. LOL