a healthy glow

  1. anyone know of a moisturizer that will give off a glow or a tint that isnt overly expensive and wont turn my skin orange?
  2. try chanel le blanc illuminator! i just bought it and i really like it. it makes your skin look more radiant , its around 45 at Nordstrom.
    the fluid is light weight and its white in colur so it won't turn your skin orange =)
    if you use a blusher with little shimmer in it, it will appear as if your cheeks glow too.
    the most impt thing is to moisturise your skin by doing lots of hydrating masks , drinking water and applying moisturiser.
  3. for something really cheap try NIVEA Visage Pure Energy!!!

    works wonders on my tired skin in the morning!

  4. I use this too and its very nice, I bought it to tone down the red in my cheeks, very nice stuff.
  5. I got this over the weekend, and have been using it as a primer b/c the girl at the counter said it worked best for that, but now I'm liking what you said to use it with just some blush. Anyway, great product!
  6. My Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is great. I currently use it with Guerlains Meteorites luminizer powder. :tup:
  7. is the chanel le blanc iluminator oil free?
  8. i just purchased Lorac Radiance powder & I like that alot!!
  9. vitamin E
  10. I love MAC's Strobe Cream on top of Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. The finish is dewy and healthy - not oily at all.
  11. I use exactly the same thing Vogue uses. Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer and Mac Strobe cream.. you will look like you're glowing!
  12. ^^i have to try this. i have strobe cream and was not sure what to do with it....do you put foundation on top?

    or foundation first, then tinted moisturizer, then strobe cream??
  13. If you use foundation, don't use tinted moisturizer. If you use tinted moisturizer, don't use foundation! Apply the tinted moisturizer OR foundation, and then dab on a little strobe cream on your cheekbones, brow bones, inner corner of your eye and forehead bone.
  14. ^^^thanks!!