A Haunting I went and a little treat did I find that came to rest at my house..DEVINE

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  1. Here is my latest edition to my HERMES collection. I searched high and low for the perfect fit. I need to personally thank:

    Gracekelly~ You gave me such wisdom into the perfect leather choice. Thank you:girlsigh:

    Eric Fam, Ardneish & Jedimaster~ Thank you for your wonderful eyes:flowers:

    Amamxr~ You as always are a great friend with impeccable taste..:love: Thank you
    Nov2007 001.jpg
  2. :graucho::nuts:
  3. This is it for a while, I must say I have learned so much from reading and re-reading all the wonderful threads. I was really wanting a classic black bag, and now I have her~ introducing Ms. Hermes herself~

    Kelly 32 Clemence Silver hardware Souple:love: and her sharing the spotlight with my Ms. H BJ Kelly Togo:girlsigh:
    Nov2007 002.jpg Nov2007 004.jpg Nov2007 012.jpg Nov2007 009.jpg Nov2007 006.jpg
  4. Ohh a black kelly! Divine!!
  5. Beautiful!!! Love the Kelly!!!

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Two wonderful choices!!!!! Wear them well and often!!!!
  7. How pretty, congratulations.
  8. I have to say how amazed I was by clemence leather. It is super soft compared to togo. I love the feel of it. :heart:

    Thanks for letting me share my new obsession!
  9. Wonderful Classic bag!!x
  10. Beautiful! Congratulations!!
  11. congrats!! your kellys are lovely! we have the same BJ kelly!
  12. Ghosty its gorgeous!!!!!!

    I am sooooooo Jealous:greengrin::greengrin:!!

    Its so classic / classy and plain yummy

    Many many Congratulations am really thrilled for you

  13. :yahoo:I am so happy for you. My very favorite all around combination. Wear her in good health my friend.:heart:
  14. Congrats!!
  15. clemence souple...I LOVE IT! She and BJ look so regal standing there together! What a pair you have!!!!
    Wear them in good health and love them forever!