A harrowing experience led to some retail therapy... and my last big LV reveal/haul f

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  1. Ah... of all the experiences that make for the best stories, this one takes the cake. Ladies, please protect yourselves and be thankful for the second amendment.

    For the first time in my life Friday night, I had to utilize my concealed carry license and exercise my second amendment rights.

    While sitting on the beach near my SW Florida home, looking at the stars and decompressing after the last couple of weeks, some random, handsome, seemingly perfectly normal dude walked by and asked for a lighter, which I handed him after saying "sure as long as you're not some psycho," to which he laughed and said "no ma'am." So we struck up a conversation, his buddies having disappeared down the beach with their girlfriends, he claimed. He politely asked if he could join me and sat in the sand. He proceeded to chop it up with me for about 20 minutes, with us talking about ourselves (his name was Michael, he was 30 and he worked at a local beach club and had been in the army, etc). It wasn't until he leaned back on his elbows (I thought looking at the stars we had discussed), then he sat up again, that I looked over at him and down and realized that, using the new moon and ensuing darkness as cover, he had... there is no way to put this delicately... pulled out Mr. Mushroom head and was proceeding to rub one out... while carrying on a casual conversation with me sitting a couple feet away.

    Of course I immediately stood, trying to act normal as though I hadn't noticed, and said it was getting late and time for me to head home, one hand going into my shoulder bag and locating the Springfield 1911 .45 Mil-Spec I was using as a carry piece in my new Denim Epi Neverfull. He rose too, following me and insisting I wait a minute, then caught up to me, blocking my way, and reached out to grab me, saying he needed about 10 minutes of my time. We were nearing the lighted boardwalk.

    At this point I immediately stepped back out of his reach, (and coincidentally into stance) as I drew aforementioned weapon (for which I of course have a concealed carry license). Doing so is fully within my legal rights when I feel as though I am in danger of physical harm or worse.

    I spoke the first thing that came to mind, which was, "10 seconds, more like. You need to go." He froze, and i am almost absolutely certain he pissed his pants (I saw a stain bloom but who knows what it was) but he made no move to run away, instead seeming to kinda size me up, so I turned off the safety and said "Go on. Get your *** out of here." (Yeah, later I realized I had quoted George Strait, before anyone comments on that). He threw up his hands, started to stammer an apology ("I was being weird, wasn't I?" YA THINK?!) and began to back up rapidly.

    I did not move until he almost tripped and he finally turned around and headed back down Vanderbilt Beach south toward the Ritz-Carlton's beach, which was no more than a few hundred yards away. I then finally lowered the weapon, put the safety back on, and got the hell out of there onto the boardwalk east toward the road and parking lot, watching him until I couldn't see him anymore.

    Ladies, this is the reason to ALWAYS carry something to protect yourself with. Get a handgun and take classes and go to the range and get your concealed carry license. This stuff NEVER happens here, and that's easy to say for most people, but it can happen anywhere and often does-- and it never happens to you until it suddenly does. I've traveled all over the world, much of the time alone, and have NEVER needed to use a weapon until last night-- when I was within minutes of home. My only tale involving male genitalia from my many solo travels is being flashed in the subway in Europe. :-P

    I ran into a group of locals like myself (tourist season just ended and we are coming out of hibernation) in the parking lot, and when I told them what had happened, they were very upset and angry, pointing out "hell no, that doesn't happen at our beach" and two of the guys wanted to go back to the beach to find the guy. I told them to stay with their girls, so one scouted the lot to be sure I wasn't followed as I got in my car and went home.

    Please, ladies. I live in one of the safest areas in Florida, and it happened to me. Always be prepared and aware of your surroundings. It might serve you more than you know someday. I hope it doesn't.

    On to the good stuff.. the ensuing retail therapy and reveal in the next comment though!
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    Having recently made the decision to sell one of my Birkins I haven't carried in years, it sold late Friday night and Saturday I decided I needed a good shop to clear my head, with my shopping fund nice and padded again! I headed off to LV and told my SA and manager what had happened and they were as shocked and floored as I am! Well, after scouting around and eyeing the new pieces they'd gotten in since last week, I brought some beauties home... there are more pics on page 2 and 3. Denim st germain, Monte Carlo jewelry case, blueberry Alma BB Epi, Grqphite Bureau/Desk Agenda, Epi Denim card case, Hot Pink epi zippy wallet and some pics of my rivets envelope not included in my last thread.

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  3. Denim St. Germain PM...

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  4. Well that's a story to begin a thread!
  5. I'm glad you stayed safe, and were able to get done retail therapy in.
  6. Lovely and much needed desk agenda in Graphite...

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  7. Wow! So glad you're okay! That must have been so scary. What a creep. I would call the police if I were you. Who knows what he could do to others. And congrats on your purchases!
  8. Camaro!!!!!! So glad he didn't hurt you!!! I know we've had this talk before about carrying weapons, I carry a 38 revolver. :smile: Thankfully I've never had to use it though. I can't imagine how you felt afterwards once the shock set in. Praise God you're safe!!!!
  9. Wow, so scary! What a level head you kept! Makes me rethink the gun I keep in my nightstand at home... Beautiful pieces you treated yourself to though!
  10. Oh my goodness. When I lived in South Carolina, the police told us to NOT have a weapon in the house or to carry one. They scared the daylights out of me, insisting a criminal will take it from me and use it against me. On the other hand, the police here insist that I not only have a weapon in the house but that I also carry. I've heard stories of situations like yours, but the women could not act quickly and strongly enough to pull it out in time. What you did was not only incredibly brave, but it was something I strive for. In my profession, i really should conceal carry but I do not because I don't think I could stop shaking enough to actually pull it out and put my finger on the trigger.

    A woman in my office carries and has a special purse. She has practiced endlessly accessing her weapon and to fire straight through her purse. If only I could be less scared and more like you two.

    Your purchase is beautiful. I am glad you are safe. I never trust men, so please be extra careful in the future!!
  11. Wow I'm so sorry that happened. Did you report it? Hopefully this man can be caught before he does assault someone. I agree with you with having a means to protect yourself. My main residence use to be an area where getting a permit to carry really wasn't an option but now that I moved I plan on getting one. I was robbed by a man with a weopon on a more wooded like path in Central Park on one of my walks, I had zero way to protect myself from him, thankfully he just took my money and let me walk away but since that happened I really want a means to better protect myself.

    Congrats on your lovely purchases.
  12. TG you are ok- what a harrowing story. I am in awe that you were so composed and clear-headed. You are my hero- thank you for a very eloquent and important reminder that none of us, female or male should take personal safety for granted. Ever.

    Enjoy your new well-deserved bag- it is dreamy.
  13. Alma BB in epi blueberry. I rarely do small bags and never crossbody but lately I've been really into them! Because I love the new hot pink so much, I had to get a wallet. I don't need any more wallets! But the zippy is so great and it's going to match my Ikat and Pallas beautifully I think. I now have 4 zippy, 4 Sarah, 2 Josephine and an empreinte long wallet and i can't seem to bear parting with any of them! :shame:

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  14. And what would have happened if you hadn't exercised your right to defend yourself? I shudder to think. This is why my husband wants me to get a CCW. You just never know.
  15. Oh wow. So scary and glad you're OK! I'm impressed by your bravery! Just curious if you called police and if they were able to find the guy? Glad you got some good retail therapy. You sure needed it. But I did find something that would be perfect for your next haul :