A hard lesson learned, please take this advice


Jan 11, 2007
So I work @ JC Penney, and my register quad is right next to the down escalators.
Everyday we see people taking strollers and wheelchairs and the such down there, even though the signs say NO STROLLERS OR WHEELCHAIRS and we warn them, but I guess they are just too lazy to use the elevator. :rolleyes:
So today I was just starting to ring a customer up, and hadn't seen this couple take the stoller down the escalator. All of a sudden I hear thumping and right away knew that someone fell. I ran over to the escalator and someone had already stopped the escalator and the stoller was in the middle of the escalator, and one of the security people at the bottom holding the baby which just so happened to be in a car seat, strapped in thank God, because had it not, the baby would have with no doubt, died.
The parents must have lost control of the stroller and it tipped I think, which made the baby fall out and it was flipped upside down and skidded down the escalator, where one of the security ladies had caught it.
The baby was less than a year old, but thank God it lived, I'm sure the parents learned their lesson.
So if you are ever thinking about taking the stroller down the escalator, DON'T!!!!! Just find the elevator, its worth your child's life.
I can't believe some people are so lazy. And it's hard to tell them "please use the elevator" because they get offended! :cursing:
If you're lazy enough not to use the escalator, at least take the child out of the stroller and hold onto them!!!!!!!
Next time I see someone trying to do that, I will stop them and tell them "I'm sorry it's policy that you take the elevator. We just had a baby almost die because the parents took the stroller down and the baby fell out. I don't want to see that happen again."
But some people will just never listen. :rant:
So PLEASE PLEASE always use the elevator when someone has a stroller or wheelchair or even a walker (we had an elderly woman fall when she took her walker down). And if you ever see someone try to take it down, stop them.
That baby is seriously so lucky.


Sep 22, 2006
Unfortunately, there are cases every single day of children getting hurt, lost or killed because of parental ignorance, laziness or neglect. I am so glad to hear that poor baby is OK. So many things seem easier, but just aren't worth the risk.


Founder of B.U.M.
Mar 7, 2007
Winchester, England
About 20 years ago I witnessed a terrible accident on an escalator: A young boy, holding his Mum's hand and the handrail, must have been standing too close to the edge of the escalator stair,(where there is a gap between the stair and the solid rail). He was wearing soft footwear and his shoe got dragged into the gap - and the workings of the escalator.

The mother's screams for someone to press the emergency button and the sounds of agony from that poor wee lad, will never leave me.


Jul 2, 2006
that sounds scary! glad that the baby is alright! seemed like there are quite alot of escalator incidents involving children, just gotta keep a keen eye on them at all times.


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Feb 26, 2007
Bay Area, CA
Wow, I'm glad the baby is okay. I was at the mall once, walking near the up escalator when I heard screams for help. A stroller had gotten caught in the escalator at the very top (a string or something was hanging down. And people were stacking up behind her and the baby was leaning forward. I pulled the stroller out (I had a better angle) and nothing bad happened. Some people can be so mindless - I ALWAYS took my son to the elevator!!