A hard decision :(

  1. In the fall I'll be going to a college around 5 hours away from my hometown, and since I'm pretty much an only child (my half brother is 18 years older), I've never had to deal with sharing a room with anyone. Because of this, my parents are going to be total sweethearts and pay $700 a month on rent for my apartment, not to mention food, tuition, books, etc.

    So anyway, for Christmas, among my other presents, my mom gave me a check for $2000 to go towards whatever I wanted. You can imagine my first thought... LV FUND! :drool: But, I've decided to be a bit more responsible than that and start a savings account to go towards my apartment so that they won't be obligated to pay for decor, furniture, etc.

    So I'm on a ban for quite some time, even though I'd already planned on several purchases that I'd been wanting for a while. Just feeling a blue because of it, and felt the need to relieve the stress, haha.
  2. Congrats! You made the right decision..LV can always come later. :yes:
  3. LV has been around awhile and will be here when you are out of school. :smartass: Smart move to put it towards savings!!!:yes:
  4. you have more self control than I do, good for you for being so responsible! How exciting to be off to college!
  5. You've made a really mature choice - I admire you for that! And when you finally do get your LV it'll be even sweeter because of how patient you've been. Best of luck to you! :flowers:
  6. If you were my daughter...I'd buy you a new LV to take to school with you just for being so mature about the money I already gave you!! It could happen...

  7. Aww thanks all! I figure once I get through college and get a successful job, there will be lots of time and money to go LV shopping. :graucho:
  8. haha.... adopt me!!! Who knows? My birthday IS coming up in April anyway...
  9. Life is all about decisions. And the decisions we make shape our character. You are a woman of impeccable character.
  10. that was a great decision. i have to say though, on another thing- you should really try the roommate thing/living in a dorm. i was an only child with my mom too and had a huge bedroom- hello! king size bed!- and getting used to living in a teeny room with someone else was an adjustment. but the socilazation of being with tons of other people, always having someone to hang out with, the ridiculous roommate stories are priceless. going away to college is scary and stressful and it's great to have other people around to hang out with and ease the pain and stress. it's less lonely that way and i worry that being alone in an apt is going to make the adjustment harder and the distance seem longer. i had roommates for all 4 years and then after college moved home, then into my own apt. would i have roommates again? no. but that time with those girls was priceless and i miss it greatly.
  11. oh and my half brothers are 12. 18 and 21 years older so i TOTALLY get where you're coming from.
  12. I'd be happy too except I'm much too young to have an 18 year old daughter (I'm only 33) and besides, my birthday is first!! (January!). :party:
  13. Support Ur Deicion!
  14. get some great furniture! and its ok if you break your ban... just break it on something tiny!
  15. Glad to hear you have your priorities straight - good job!!! There will be plenty of opportunities for bag purchases later on...no worries!!!