A hard choice between 2 paddys...please help

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  1. Hi. I have a choice between a 05 and 06 choco paddy. I know everyone claims the 2005 leather is far superior. i've seen the 06 in person (from my friend) and it's soft and pebbly. i haven't seen the 2005 IRL yet so i'm not sure what to expect from the color. could you please give me advice? which color is richer and goes better with things? thanks!
  2. I'm not sure about the bags...but the picture of the puppy dog you have is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Is that your pup? I want to squish it!
  3. Hi, there I was in the same situation about 2 weeks ago and did hesitate a lot. I was told the same thing about the leather but I opted for the 06 because of the color. It's darker and deeper and I wear a lot of grays, dark brown, black etc...so I think this color will match my other brown's better than the 05 which is lighter.
    And what the leather is concerned the seller vouched for it being soft and pebbly, but I havn't received it yet...but should be here very, very soon!
  4. yes, that's my dog :smile: she's very sweet and super adorable. :heart: :heart:

    catcat - thanks for your advice. all this talk about 2005 vs 2006 makes me hesitant about my decision. however, i saw the 06 choco paddy and it feels soft, slouchy, squishy and pebbly. all the qualities that were described about the 2005 ones. the only thing that made me rethink the 2005 is the uneven color and the fact that it has more uneven tones.

    could you keep me updated once you receive your paddy and let me know what you think once you've seen it? thanks so much! :smile:
  5. Shure I will let you know as soon as it gets here...I just can't wait!
  6. The 05 seriously is like no other paddy leather. If I had choices it would definately be that - it feels sooooo soft
  7. It's sort of a choice between a little bit vintage looking milk chocolate and more uniform deep, dark chocolate. But in any year, there are leather variations from bag to bag.
  8. I have an 05 Grenat and an 06 Black and honestly the leather is exactly the same on both - amazingly soft, pebbled, thick and wrinkled :love:

    But then I have another 06 Paddy which isn't as soft...I understand that generally speaking the 05 leather is the best but there are some equally gorgeous 06 bags out there too :yes:
  9. thanks so much for all your input. it's helped me decide on the 06 choco paddy. i like the look of the uniform darker brown color. and my friend's 06 paddy is very soft...i just wasnt sure how much softer the 05 were. :smile:
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