a happy thing i saw today

  1. sitting at brunch in the west village, i was looking outside when a woman pedalled past on her bike. sitting in her basket up front was an orange 32 kelly. seems like the perfect passenger. if you doubt that it was real, because who would put a 4 figure handbag in a bike basket :huh: ... well, i can't say for sure, but she wasn't wearing a helmet either, so caution was not this woman's middle name.
  2. That is cute! I'm sure the bag would be fine and I couldn't think of a better companion!
  3. Great story!!! LOL!
  4. What a nice sighting!! You never know where or when...
  5. This might not be common for the US but I did see this quite often in other European cities (e.g. Milan). So chic!:amuse:
  6. I think that could easily be me...and orange too. (BELIEVE IT OR NOT MY BIKE IS ORANGE)
  7. sounds cute!!!!!!
  8. Well here in Rome, as you probably all know, thousands of people (including me) go around on Vespa's and similar mopeds, so as the lady on her bike in NYC, I also carry my Kellys or Birkins on my Honda moped...but I do wear a helmet..!!;) :flowers:
  9. Where I live people use bikes all the time and put their handbags on the basket at the front or back.
  10. i love it!
  11. Sooooo cute!!
    It's like carrying your puppy~