A Happy Spot- (New Keychain PICS)

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  1. so i'm still bummed about my tote- but today i got some nice surprises!!

    A new locket keyfob that i ordered during the PCE. it is beautiful! i absolutely love it! these pictures do not do it justice at all. I think i may put in a picture of my father who passed away last year. it is still hard for me to look at photos of him, so having a photo with me but closed up will be nice.

    Then i got a mini wristlet that i bought on eBay that i have been lusting after, and last but not least a thank you card from Coach! my first one!

    thanks for looking!

    oh, and please send me good vibes that i find a tote i like this weekend. we are going out of town to hunt one down!
    pictures 001small.jpg pictures 003small.jpg pictures 004small.jpg pictures 008small.jpg
  2. LOVE the keychain
  3. Oooh, i've never seen that kaychain before!! I love lockets! I'd love to get a Coach keychain locket. So lovely! I'm happy for you that you found the wristlet you've been looking for and I hope you find a tote you love too!!
  4. I am so happy to hear you are going to go out of town to find a new tote!!!! I KNOW you are going to find one that you absolutely love and come back and post pics, etc! I cant wait to hear more! Good luck!!!! My denim tote will be sending you vibes!!!!
  5. oh i love your new miniskinny! the locket is also beautiful and i think its a wonderful idea to put a picture of your father in it.
  6. That locket is gorgeous! I didn't even know they had those!! The idea of your dad's photo in it is a good one too. And good luck finding that tote!
  7. oh great stuff! congratz!
  8. great purchases. that keyfob reminds me that coach needs to come out with something that's like round on one side and a mirror on the other.
  9. Your locket is beautiful!
  10. I love your locket do you mind if I ask what the style # is and the price? You mini skinny is super cute too! Congrats!
  11. Thanks everyone!

    silversea it is 92112 and i *think* it was $38. i might be wrong on the price and i don't have the receipt nearby...i know they have it in the little accessory "book" pamphlet thing they have at the store.
  12. I love your key chain! I haven't seen one like that before. Congrats on the great wristlet too!
  13. That keychain is very pretty, and that's a good idea about putting your dad's picture in it....that way it's like he'll always be with you. And good luck on finding a tote you like this weekend!!
  14. The locket is very cute!
  15. That's a beautiful keychain. I like the idea of putting your dad in it.