A Happy Medium

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  1. I'm looking for a happy medium.. I need a bag that's good for holding a whole bunch of junk (not, you know, crazy junk.. like a box of crackers and a flashlight.. maybe headphones, or something like that), but isn't too terribly bulky/big. Am I conjuring an impossibility in my head, or is there a bag style out there that I'm actually looking for?

    I have a zucca, and while I *love* it, I think it's a little too big for everyday use. I have a dolce (again, *love*), but it's a tad bit small, same with my ciao. I've been carrying around my bella bella mostly, but am looking to change it up a little.

    I like to carry around my headphones, makeup, you know, stuff like that.

    Long story short, I'd like your opinions. What style of bag do you think would be a happy medium for me? I've been looking at mamma mias and bambinones, but I'm not sure. I've skimmed through the reference post, but in some of the pictures, it's hard to tell what could exactly fit in each bag. But yeah.

    Anyone? Suggestions? Help meee! :shrugs:
  2. A Gioco or Stellina. Both have exterior pockets which provide good places to stash stuff you don't have to empty your bag to find them.

    Gioco would be good for music players since it's a clutch style shoulder bag and closer to your ears.

    If you find Dolce small, a Bambinone is just slightly bigger and might be considered small too.
  3. mamma mia!! i love it! i think gioco is a bit weird shaped n its hard to get stuff out.. mamma mia fits alot.. i use it for work and i bring snacks, juice box, ds, psp. i also put a change of clothes in there it all fits =) im sure ill fit the crackers and headphones n flashlight wif room to spare :smile:
  4. ^^Gioco might be a bit big, also, especially if you've been carrying a Bella Bella. I've never seen an MM in person, but that might work. Or a Stellina. Bambinones are a ton bigger than Dolces, and I was actually surprised at just how much they can hold, so don't rule that out. Is there anywhere near you that sells tokis so you can go see the styles?

  5. Sadly, there isn't.. well, the closest would be Peoria (I'm in IL.. itty bitty town, go figure), but that's an hour and a half away. Unless I plan a shopping trip (the mere thought of this is laughable for me), not gonna happen.

    I'm still torn. I searched for "bambinone" on TPF, and found a post about fitting stuff inside it, someone mentioned headphones.. so maybe I'll give it a go. On the other hand, I really like the way the mamma mias look, they're really cute. Picking a style shouldn't be this difficult, haha. :p
  6. i think that depends on what style of bag do you prefer? i guess mamma mia, bella or bellabella is good unless you want a messenger style then stellina is the way to go
  7. I have a Ciao and a Stellina, I agree with you the Ciao is a bit too small but the Stellina is a great size! It holds my make-up, hairbrush, purse size hairspray & wallet and has a separate outer pouch on the backside for a checkbook. It's perfect for sneaking candy into the movie theater too :tup:!
  8. mamma mia all the way! it's a great medium sized tote. ii put lots of things in there that i need for everyday: like my wallet, change purse, ipod, pencil case, keys, little makeup bag, small snacks, planner, and my mittens and hat for the cold chicago days.

    i have 3 mamma mias and love them all. i have a bella bella but don't use it as often as the mamma mias.

    hope this helps!
  9. I would think MM would be great for you. Although I am speaking out of a BV experience. My buon viaggio is a little big and I know MM are a tad smaller so I figure it would be a nice medium bag. Bambinone.. maybe not.

    How about a ciao ciao?
  10. Definitely don't think I want a ciao ciao, every picture I've seen of someone actually wearing one, it looks flipping huge.. I'm 4'11", so a big bag might look a tad bit odd on me. :p

    I think I might actually go for a mamma mia. The more pictures I see of them, the more I really like the style.

    Thank you for the help, everyone! :yahoo:
  11. I think the Bambinones are a great choice! They may seem small, but fit so much stuff! The strap is adjustable, too.
  12. I think either a Stellina or Mamma Mia would work perfectly, depending on how you liked to carry your bags (cross-body or one shoulder). The other thing to consider is that the print gets broken up by the pocket flaps on a Stellina; I prefer the Mamma Mia for that reason, especially for larger prints. A Stellina looks best in a smallish print like Trasporto, IMHO. A Bambinone might work, but if you have old-school headphones, they may or may not fit (I don't have a Bambinone, so I couldn't tell you for sure).