A happy ending!

  1. I bought a NWT old version of the Scribble large hobo a couple of months ago on eBay. I get the bag and the hang tags are missing. They were attached in the pictures the seller posted but they didn't come with the bag. After waiting for the seller to look for some and a couple of f-u emails (should be in another post about eBay) I finally decide to call Coach customer service since I know they replace hang tags. The SA tells me that they will probably send me white leather if they have it, otherwise they usually send brass or silver metal. So I get the hang tags yesterday and they are the 2 green ones that match the bag. Considering the bag is at least a year old, I was so excited that they were the correct ones, silly I know. I don't know why it bugged me but I didn't want to use the bag without the hang tags. Is that weird? So I put them on today and used my new bag!
  2. awww..congrats on getting the right ones, i wonder why the ebayer didn't send..oh well. you got them...
  3. I totally know what you mean...my black legacy shoulder bag I got from eBay only came with the gold medallion. I just called Coach to get a replacement leather tag but don't feel "complete" without the tag. It doesn't stop me from using it though :smile:
  4. I'm such a freak...I take the tags off! But then, I hate labels...
  5. the tag is like represents coach IMO. i love them. also a great way to tell if its a fake
  6. I'm the same way too. A hang tag fell off of one of my wristlets & I haven't used it since. I just need to call customer service & ask them if they'll send me another one. Glad to know they'll replace it & try to match it even if it's a year old. Gonna call tomorrow!