A “Happy Ending” Reveal


Le Bouvier Bernois
Nov 27, 2010
Hi coachies, thought I’d share my latest PCE adventure with you.

After having managed to get myself an online PCE code (thanks to selkiewriter) I decided to go on a shopping spree and get myself a bunch of coach goodies. After waiting a couple of days for my order, I was shocked :crybaby:!!! The gathered Sophia I received was all crooked!!! When looking at it from the front, it was badly uneven and the gathering looked pretty odd. Being very disappointed, I took the decision to return it. Having no official coach store near me so I could choose a bag in person, I preferred to get a full refund and forget about my HG bag.

Seeing I was pretty sad, DH decided to make a call to a “TheBay” store downtown to check if they had the Sophia. Then after, without telling me took a day off, then a 40min train ride to choose a perfect purse!!! Plus, he didn’t care to pay it full price!!! OMG I was soooo happy :yahoo:…Granted it’s only a purse but it was my HG…I badly wanted that bag! So now, I’m the happy owner of a gathered parchment Sophia!

First, here are a couple of cute fobs I got:

Patent Octopus Key Ring

Patent Hippo Key Ring

Sea Shell Charm

Floral Pave Sphere Key Ring

Bejewled Key Ring


Jun 18, 2010
Great buys. I like all the fobs that you picked up, they're so cute. Fantastic buy with the Gathered Sophia and matching wallet. Your DH is so sweet to have gone all that way to buy it for you. Congratulations on your new goodies. Enjoy :smile:


Jun 23, 2008
Love all your fobs, uni case and sunnies! Your pictures of your HG are beautiful. The one with the wallet is very dramatic; love how you placed it on the dark table with the neutral colored candlesticks, print and single flower in the vase in the background. Congrats and enjoy!

And what a sweet DH!