a happy ebay tale

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  1. We all know that things can be pretty negative in this forum, as many of us struggle with sellers and buyers that try to rip people off and cheat them out of their money and quality/authentic items. I thought I'd share my happy story to lighten the mood a bit.

    As you may or may not know, I love Marc Jacobs. I've been wanting a collection bag for a long time, but was happy with my MbMJ bag and continued to gaze and drool from afar. I'm a poor college student, after all.

    In one of my random ebay searches, I found an older style from the higher end line on ebay in a beautiful light blue color (my favorite color! and I've been wanting a purse with some color instead of the usual brown or black). Of course, you have to worry about authenticity, so I contacted the seller for more information on some of the little details of the bag.

    I wasn't 100% certain it was authentic (though some tPFers were very helpful and thought it looked good but to try and verify those details). The seller was also very helpful but had a bit of difficulty verifying some of those details. It looked very good (and isn't a popular style that is often faked, like the Stam), but I wasn't certain.

    The seller told me she would offer a buy-it-now price that was $40 below what she was originally asking, and would also overnight it to me for free. I wanted it badly, and agreed to get it if she would edit the auction to include a refund/return policy in case I wasn't satisfied.

    I received the bag the very next day, and it was flawless! More beautiful than I even expected, and in perfect condition. It was "used," but maybe carried only a couple of times because there wasn't a scratch on it. I got it for a ridiculously low price, and it is 100% authentic. The seller was so nice and helpful (responding quickly to all of my e-mails and being incredibly patient), and she even put a nice note inside the package that included her phone number in case I had any more questions. I'm so thankful to her! She made my entire week and I have such a gorgeous bag to show for it.

    I think transactions like these are becoming more and more rare on ebay, so it's nice to find a seller who will work with you and tries to get you a great deal. I'm so so happy with this bag! But I'm officially back on my "purse ban." :crybaby:
  2. Congrats - it is nice to hear a happy tale for a change!:yes:
  3. Wonderful! Sadly there seems to be less and less of us nice eBay sellers. I pride myself on exemplary service and sounds like your seller does too.

    Enjoy your bag!!
  4. What a nice story! Congrats on your great deal!
  5. I love stories like this. Last year I sold off several of my Coach bags. Two buyers wrote to me when they received commenting on how perfect their bag was. One was a lady buying her 16-year-old daughter her first Coach and the other was a brand new nurse who wanted a nice Coach tote. I have to admit the eBay guardian angels must be looking over my shoulder since I've never had a problem as a buyer or seller in the eight years I've been an eBay member. I sincerely hope this comment didn't curse me in some way. LOL!
  6. Congrats, there ARE honest sellers out there! Please post pics!
  7. I'll try to post pics later today... I have to run to my bf's nephew's b-day party, but after that I'll try to take a few. I'm carrying the new bag today for the first time! I haven't had a chance yet.

    I made sure to e-mail the seller after I got the purse (and after it was authenticated) to tell her how happy I was and thanked her for everything. Sellers like her are like gold for us. :tup:
  8. There are still some really lovely genuine people out there.

    It is just such a shame that there is probably a bigger % who are out for a quick buck.

  9. Lucky you! That is a happy ending story. Used to be lot so those years ago when Ebay was starting out. Now there are so many thieves and scammers we don't hear it very often. Congrats to you!
  10. Hurrah and congratulations!
  11. Sometimes we forget how great of a place ebay can actually be.
    Don't forget to post pictures for us all to admire & congratulations!
  12. Here are some pics I just took:


    I'm so happy with it. Some ebayers rock!
  13. Beautiful story, beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. That is such a pretty bag! Congrats! It's great to hear a happy ebay story among all of the negative ones:yahoo:
  15. I'm so happy for you! And the fact that you're young & "a poor college student" makes it even more important that your ebay experience was so good.