A HAPPY Ebay story...for once!!!

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  1. I just had a fabulous transaction on Ebay and wanted to share!

    My 5-year old son has wanted a very specific Christmas ornament--the 1992 Turtle Dreams ornament-for a couple of years. Our daycare provider has it on her tree and every year he asks for it. Since it was made in 1992, I've had a rather difficult time locating one.

    Well, this year I decided to check out Ebay and low and behold, I found one. No one had bid on it yet, so I decided to email the seller and ask if she would consider a BIN. I explained my situation and she responded that she'd be more than happy to do a BIN; however, during that time someone placed a bid so she could not make changes to the auction. She emailed me back very apologetically and even went to the trouble to see if there were other auctions with the ornament available.

    I patiently waited all day and I did win the auction! When I went to submit payment, I was shocked to see the seller had waived shipping for me! She was so sweet and really wanted to help me out.

    It is not often that I see true kindness anywhere, let alone on Ebay! Thanks to this seller, I'm a hero tonight!:P
  2. What a cute story! Are you going to wrap it up and give it to your son as a gift or place it on the tree and see if he finds it?
  3. Their are some lovely sellers out their, I know people knock ebay because they have had bad experiences but their are a lot of good experiences to and you do not get to hear about them.
  4. I'm definitely going to put it on the tree and see if he finds it! I cannot wait to see his face--he will be so excited!

    Again, I cannot say enough nice things about this seller! She even sent me another email saying this transaction really made her Christmas. I guess the warm fuzzy, positive feelings ran both ways!
  5. That's great.
  6. Very sweet thanks for sharing.
  7. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!
  8. something to make me smile!!!
  9. that's so sweet!
  10. Thats really sweet of her!! :tender::tender: I am so glad to know there are still such nice sellers around on ebay.. Oh and is that your son in the avatar? He is gorgeous!! :cutesy:
  11. This is the sweetest story ever!!!
  12. that is a fantastic story! yay for you and your son!
  13. It so nice to hear a happy ebay story for a change. Ebay has so many things wrong with it - you forget there are a lot of things right with it! :yes:
  14. Great story! What a nice seller!
  15. that is so cute, i love ebay!!