A Happy Day

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  1. #1 Apr 21, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
    Last summer I fell in love with the Franco Sarto Havana Hobo. I loved it the minute I saw it online and returned to order it, only to find that it had been sold out everywhere. Over this past year I have diligently searched for it, to no avail. until last week. There it was, new with tags, on ebay, at half the price it sold for last year. I bought it immediately, waited anxiously for it to arrive, which it did today! It was just as I'd imagined, red and khaki with a broad leather strap, and has made me absolutely giddy to finally own it. (Full disclosure, I'm going ga ga over a bag that cost less than forty dollars, but it is worth so much more to me.) And so, I ask anyone here, have you had a similar experience? As happy as I am right now, I hope so. (I apologize for not posting a photo! but I do not have the capability to do so.)

  2. I'm so glad for you, Fim! Maybe some of the fun is finding the elusive bag. I'm hunting high/low for that damn Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in cammello (tan)...always sold out. When and if I find it, I hope I like it...always a problem when you don't see a bag IRL.
    Congrats again!
  3. Thank you, Skyqueen. Best of luck finding your Mansur Gavriel. Once you do, it'll be all the sweeter for
    the effort!
  4. #4 Apr 22, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014

    Let's see if this works. My fledgling attempt doesn't do the bag justice. The red is actually darker and the seemingly white is actually khaki. But, for all of that, it has great capacity and I'm hoping for a sunny day to take her out.
  5. You did it!
    The pic came out great! Your bag is so fun and unique...perfect for summer!
  6. Thank you! I managed post a better picture, along with my other Sartos on the "Most underrated bags.." Thread.
  7. The aforementioned better photo. It's been years since I felt this way about a straw bag.

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  8. Yes, better pic...I can see more detail. Love it!