a happy birthday indeed

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  1. well todays my birthday and as a present to myself yesterday i went to lv and bought myself the mini lin speedy in ebene. the problem was there was a thread coming out of the bag but i only realized an hour later so i went back and swapped it for another one :yes: the SA told me, 'shhhh dont tell anyone you were using this bag.'
    and got me a new one from the back. i felt so guilty.

    anyway well today, my friends bought me a FAKE monogram papillion as a joke. i wasnt laughing. :tdown: i think their going to give me my proper present tomorrow. i really want to throw away the fake bag though. i cant stand it.

    ill post up pics later of the mini lin.
  2. Happy Birthday!:party: Congrats on the Speedy! LOL I hope your friends buy you something "real" tomorrow.:p
  3. Congrats on your purchase and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  4. Happy birthday! :flowers::balloon: At least you got yourself the real thing. Never mind about the fake and if they don't bring you another gift - don't let it get you down. Not everyone takes LV bags as seriously as we all do.
  5. Lolling @ fake pap. I hope you were gracious just in case they weren't joking..!

    Congrats on your Speedy though, beautiful choice! Pics..?
  6. Congrats!
    & Happy birthday!!!
  7. congrats and happy birthday!
  8. I agree with LoVer. My friends think I am nuts to spend this money on my LVs. Not everyone see the value in them as we do.

    Just for fun, why don't you post the picture of the fake as well? We could all take a look and have a laugh about it.:p
  9. Congrats with the mini lin!

    That fake papillon isn't funny, I would be so mad at my girlfriends :p
  10. Congrats and happy birthday!!
  11. Congrats and Happy birthday! :flowers::balloon:
  12. Congratz on your birthday purchase! Happy Birthday, also!
  13. Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :smile:
  14. Congrats and happy birthday! Can't wait to see your pics!
  15. Happy Birthday! Great choice, I think it is a classy bag and great color. I hope your birthday was relaxing, sorry about the fake (Ugh) I would have been the same as you. Hope your days continue to be merry![​IMG]