A Happy Bbag Birthday Aaallabama

  1. Thought you could keep it quiet huh? :p

    Wishing you many more nice Bbag surprises!!

    And yes we all think you are way more cute (and Hotter) than Reese Witherspoon. A year older and even more wonderful!

  3. aaa....Happy Birthday to you!!! :balloon::balloon:
  4. Happy Birthday to our very own Reese Witherspoon!!
  5. Happy Birthday!! :rochard::flowers:
  6. Happy Birthday BAMA! We love you!:love::love:
  7. Happy birthday O Queen of the Black Sea :queen:
  8. Have a GREAT Birthday!
  9. True! And one of the darlingest PFers around. :tender: Happy Birthday!!
  10. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!! :flowers:

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!!!!!!:drinkup:
  12. ^^ gee, shucks, thanks everyone!!! :shame::tender::love:

    p.s. thanks for all the lovely b-day wishes :heart:
  13. Bama, happy birthday! May your birthday be celebrated in NYC with much fanfare, ticker tape parade, lovely gifts and time spent with your DH! Hugs, K
  14. Happy Birthday !!!!

    Have a wonderful evening and weekend!!!
  15. Happiest of Birthdays, I hope you are totally spoiled by everyone today!