A Happier, more Successful Reveal

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  1. My man finally showed up -

  2. Your pup is happy to see him too :smile:
  3. Oh wow, we are really starting at the beginning. LOLOLOL. LOVE your pooch escorting the man in brown! In a T shirt??? It sure is alot warmer where you're at than where I'm at!! What's that green stuff on the ground? LOLOLOL

  4. LOL He's the welcoming committee :biggrin:

  5. Yes! We are up to 60 after a stretch of freezing weather. Me? I need more snow!!
  6. hmmm...seems like your pup recognizes him (or at least the truck):graucho:
  7. The box is so BIG :biggrin:


  8. LOL I looked at MyUPS yesterday - they have a calendar that shows all your shipments. Plumb shockin'!!
  9. I love the here seasons too. I would miss them if I didn't have them. I'm ready for the changes when they happen. Your dog looks like the waggy type,LOL. But what lab isn't?
  10. OMG! :lol: I love that you got his picture!!! Now what's in the box?! :smile:
  11. Love your shots of the UPS man add your dog.
  12. love the UPS pic ;)
  13. I know! That's a first for me on tPF! hahaha
  14. No sign of scotch tape - we're good so far - ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392859846.646200.jpg
  15. show us some more :snack: