A handbag? That will be £23,484

  1. A handbag? That will be £23,484-News-UK-TimesOnline

    From The Sunday Times
    February 25, 2007
    A handbag? That will be £23,484

    John Elliott and Laura Myers

    STAND by for handbags at dawn. Status-conscious women are fuelling a boom in demand for designer bags that has pushed up the most ostentatious items to prices above that of a Mercedes car.
    The top-priced “arm-wear” includes a Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork bag costing £23,484, followed by a Fendi bag made from chinchilla and sable and priced at £20,000.
    More budget-minded buyers could opt for a crocodile-skin Carolyn from Marc Jacobs for £13,000 or Valextra’s Carla, made of alligator hide and priced at £11,160.
    The bag frenzy has taken off in the past few years and is not confined to the highest end of the price range.
    Selfridges, the department store chain, reports that the average price tag on designer handbags at its shops has risen by 55% to about £850 since 2005.
    Fashion experts say women are increasingly seeking “bragging rights” through owning a handbag that will be the envy of their peers.
    Francesca Marotta, a 32-year-old fashion designer from west London, said: “I know a lot of women who will starve to get a handbag. I’ve got a lot of friends like that.”
    For many, bags have replaced the craze for high-priced shoes from designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik.
    Some retailers insist owning a bag costing more than £1,000 can make financial sense to middle-class women — they may scrimp on clothing, but the same expensive bag can be carried daily, adding a touch of glamour to different outfits.
    Items such as the Tribute Patchwork, made from cut-up bits of 15 handbags from Louis Vuitton’s ranges and incorporating rare feathers and alligator skin, serve as flagships for the new trend. Only one of these bags will be available in Britain, according to the fashion house. Its cost is nearly £3,000 higher than the £20,630 tag for a Mercedes C 180 K Coupé SE.
    Abigail Rainer, a fashion executive at Harrods, said: “Historically, English women were quite mean about handbags — now we’ve got into it. It’s an investment and a status symbol. Python-skin bags have become quite a mainstream thing, and £1,000 is pretty average.”
    Lorna Rhodes, 30, a make-up artist who owns more than 200 handbags, said: “When I wear a designer bag, the way I walk is different, the way I feel is different. It makes me feel good to have a designer bag.”
  2. oh god.
    we must look liek such lunatics to some people!
  3. wish there were pictures of the bags mentioned...
    oh gosh, we do have problems! after reading an article like that, our reaction is not, "OMG that's ridiculously expensive", but "can I see some pictures?"
  4. ha ha ha... so true in some ways :p
  5. seems that every designer has one now:yes:
  6. Sure:

    Vuittion Tribute Patchwork

    Marc Jacobs Carolyn (though not in crocodile)

    Valextra Carla - again not in crocodile. I actually have this bag in calf leather in exactly this colour as my travel bag. This is what you called 60s air travel luxe.

    I am being serious about what I am going to write after this. Some people in London are saying that the Birkin is so passé right now because it is - in the words of a random person I met at a gathering - 'shamefully common.' She may be right because in my former workplace, every girl literally had one and, truth be told, it does get boring after a bit :p.

    This is also partly the reason why I have been off bags for a bit: everyone has a £2,000 bag to match their Zara or H&M clothes now. In fact now I try to have the smallest bag to carry as possible (the new theory about bag size inferring from the fact that you never see Codoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton carry a bag). You can say I am striving for status symbol which is probably shamefully true. :sweatdrop:

    Supposedly from what I have snooped :lol: on other people, the vogue in London is jewellery We are talking about subtle watches such as £10,000+ Pateks for the day but I have seen 4 people wear a €43,000 Cartier Baignoire Crash walking down the street in the middle of the day :wtf: and full-blown ice at night (i.e. any Cartier jewellery with the item code starting with HP or equivalent). High grade clothes seem also to be the new obsession: Loro Piana vicuna coat at £10,000 though I cannot get my head around the price of this and couture clothes that starts at £20,000.

    Apparently these are the new status symbols in London due to the arrival of the Russian oligarchs. I don't have the money and no way can afford to match, LOL so may be it is appropriate for me to get out of this place to New York ASAP!
  7. Sorry but I fail to see why the LV bag is worth over £20k! it is supremely awful. I guess it wasn't worth cutting up 15 other bags for it.

    wow, fashion is so boring sometimes - just wear what you like.