A Handbag Challenge You Can't Refuse!

  1. To all of you who have fabulous handbag taste:

    I am over 50, 5'2" of medium build. I CANNOT find the right bag for me. It is driving me crazy! Your challenge is to be MY personal handbag consultant.

    I shop primarily at Saks, dress casually in clothes like Eileen Fischer, Dana Buckman, Lafayette. Prefer natural fibers , somewhat unstructured but not over the top. I do not like Talbots, St. Johns or Anne Taylor clothes on me.

    Here are my handbag requirements:
    1. Dark brown, pebbled or textured leather ( but not distressed)
    2. Shoulder, not hand held. Prefer handle drop of approx 5-8"
    3. Prefer north-south
    4. Maximum size: 16W x 14H x 5D, minimum size: 13W X 10H x 5D
    5. Do not like monograms all over, can handle Chanel monogram. Do not want bag to scream designer (like LV)
    6. Price limit: $1500
    7. Like couture style, not trendy, diva or princess--need style that leans toward classic but not stuffy
    8. Designers I like: Chanel, Fendi (not the crazy stuff), Prada, Marc Jacobs

    So......your challenge is to recommend the bag for me. Test your handbag knowledge and great taste. I will be sure to announce the "winning personal hb consultant".

    Regards, Bags'rus (a relative newbie to tpf)
  2. How about this BV?


    13" x 12", $1872 on Bluefly.
  3. I think the Mulberry Elgin in Chocolate would be a good choice. I'm off to find a picture :smile:
  4. Yves St. Laurent Muse!!
  5. Queen, that is a GREAT suggestion ( and thanks for posting the pic too). The BV is a classic I think and fits my casual style. You are really good!

    I have to try on my bags and i won't be in a 'big city' until Thanksgiving when we visit NYC.

    So can anyone else do as well as Queen?

  6. If you go to a Saks store, I recommend trying a BV medium veneta hobo in ebano (dark brown). I think the price is around $1400. Also, this Salvatore Ferragamo is nice (Vitoria Calfskin shoulder bag in Chocolate) and the price is $990. This picture is from NM, but Saks may sell it too. I don't know if the leather is textured, but I have several Ferragamos and they hold up well.
  7. I love all of your suggestions. I think I will further explore the Mulberry and especially the BV.

    The YSL Muse was suggested, but I did not think the leather was pebbled, and I thought it was too large. Where can i get the medium muse????? I have never 'touched' any YSL, but reading the YSL forum it sounds like a quality bag.

    Again, thanks.

  8. Thanks, maybe one day I'll make it as a personal shopper.;)