A hair question for Luccibag

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  1. I just saw your pics in the Visual Aids section and I noticed you have very curly hair (like me:shame:smile: I was wondering what you used to get the straighter style you posted...

  2. Hi. I either have it blown out at the salon, or I put HUGE rollers in my hair and I sit under the dryer (I bought one for home). The rollers make my hair so soft and shiny! Sometimes its a nice change from the curly hair.
  3. Thanks :smile: Your hair looks great! I would love to have a dryer for home...I just set mine on huge rollers and air dry while looking at purse forums...
  4. Try using a CHI flat iron. You can find it online or if your local J.C. Penny has a salon, they should have it. I've seen them there before. It runs around $120+. I have one and it's great. I got 2 of my friends to buy their own too. It works wonders.
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