A guy's collection...

  1. I'm a guy, and I've been on TPF for a while now so I figured that I should share my bag collection as well, especially after seeing other guys' collections.

    This is my collection. I've had some of these pieces for years now (I'm still in love with them like when I first got them!), while some of them are more recent.

    I'll also post closer pictures by designer.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Wow! I love this!! Congratulations!!
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    This is my Dior Homme collection.

    From left to right:

    - Quilted nylon Deville Duffle Bag, which is super-light-weight.
    - Dior Homme messenger bag with a reflective silver and white stripe down the middle
    - Deville Shopper Bag made with supple washed lambskin
    - Sharper Shopper Bag made with soft calfskin leather
    - Follow Me Briefcase
    - Dior Homme Messenger with a zippered top
    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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    Here are my Dior pieces which were originally designed for women, but also work on men.

    The Dior Gaucho has such amazing aged distressed leather that I had to get two of them!

    From left-to-right:

    - Dior Gaucho messenger bag in brown washed aged calfskin
    - Dior Flight messenger bag in logo canvas with neoprene REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag
    - Dior Street Chic messenger bag
    - Dior Gaucho messenger bag in black washed aged calfskin
    7.jpg 8.jpg CIMG4619 copy.jpg CIMG4608.jpg
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    Here are my Balenciaga bags. I reall love the tassels and distressed leather of Balenciaga bags, so I had to get at least one. Turned out to be three!!!

    I don't know the name of the bag in the middle. I saw it at Holt Renfrew in Spring 2010 and it was love at first sight. I bought it right away. If someone can please help me identify the name of the bag, I'd really appreciate it.

    From left-to-right:

    - Besace messenger bag
    - Large bag which can double as a messenger
    - Folk bag
    9.jpg 10.jpg CIMG4618 copy.jpg 11.jpg 111.jpg
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    My Prada collection started with the glazed leather destructured briefcase. It was one of those bags that I knew I had to have right away when I saw it at Holt Renfrew. The other Prada bags in nylon eventually followed.

    What I like about the nylon bags is that I can be more rough with them. They're very durable and well-made. I'm not normally a big fan of patterned bags, but the camouflage was very understated and nice, and the backpack had an edgy pattern, so I bought both.

    And then I saw the Dragon Tattoo messenger/shopper, and it had the perfect edge to add to my collection. The dragon is made of pieces of metallic leather and metal embroidered onto the nylon.

    From left-to-right:

    - Camouflage nylon messenger bag
    - Glace leather briefcase
    - Dragon Tattoo messenger/shopper
    - nylon backpack
    11.jpg CIMG4246%20copy.jpg CIMG4627 copy 2.jpg
  7. My newest piece is my Celine Vertical Gusseted Cabas bag in solid black on the outside and orange on the inside. I love the contrast colour lining as well as the minimalist nature of the bag with its clean lines.

    The gussets are made of a racing-glove mesh which makes the bag very sporty, but I prefer to keep the gussets closed because I like the closed look better.
  8. Thank you very much!

    By the way, please excuse my terrible photography. I should've taken the pictures in daylight, but I took them at night with flash photography because this was the only time that I felt encouraged to take them all out of their storage boxes. The storage boxes are arranged like a jigsaw puzzle in my closet due to lack of space, so I didn't look forward to putting them back.
  9. CIMG4246%20copy.jpg
  10. OMG. :nuts: LOVE your Balenciaga collection and the Prada soft leather briefcase.

    Actually I think I love everything haha

    I bow down. :worthy:
  11. Thanks Emi!!!

    You have a great collection too! I especially love your Lanvin men's clutch.
  12. :lol: That's how my shoe boxes are in my closet.
  13. Great collection!
  14. :lol: It's like a work-out to get something out of my closet. It's worse when I'm trying to rush to leave, and haven't grabbed a bag yet.

    Thank you very much!
  15. lol! Your pictures look great! Your collection is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!;)