a guy's bags by rickyv: vuitton, prada, westwood, jack spade, goyard and more to come

  1. Shown here is the first Vuitton bag I ever got: the Kendall GM in acajou. And others: The Louis Vuitton Bosphore messenger, and the Louis Vuitton Saumur XL in mini lin.
    lv_kendallacajou_01.jpg lv_bosphoremess_01.jpg lv_saumurxl_02.jpg lv_saumurxl_01.jpg
  2. Nice LVs! I especially like the Bosphore!
  3. more: my old Vivienne Westwood rucksack, a damier Nolita 24h with a Monogram Groom round coin purse.
    westwood_01.jpg lv_nolita24h_01.jpg lv_nolita24h_02.jpg lv_groom_portecles_01.jpg
  4. And my white Goyard Ambassade.
    goyard_amb_03.jpg goyard_amb_01.jpg goyard_amb_02.jpg
  5. Very nice collection.
  6. Great collection- love the LV messenger
  7. your damier is splendid!! love your collection.
  8. Love the Vivienne Westwood. Very nice collection.
  9. Nice collection. ^_^ I Love the white goyard.
  10. thank you everyone for all the nice comments. :smile:
  11. i like the kendall and the nolita!! the goyard is hot too!!

    very nice collection!
  12. Hot bags!!
  13. L lovvvvvvvve Nolita!
  14. great collection!
  15. mmmmm goyard. *deepest envy*