A GUY with an old school sig stripe accordian wallet?

  1. I found an old school Sig Stripe Zip around wallet at my local Coach outlet. It's in mahogany rather than black...

    The thing is I am a guy. A fabulous guy, but a guy none the less. I love this wallet. I think it'll be cute to just carry this as a sort of shopping "clutch" that holds all my cards, cash and a cell phone. I really don't NEED it but it's cheap, $145. It's on hold for me.

    He's handsome and I think he'll look cute with my flat mailer or my stone tote.

    And I saw the sig stripe iPod holders for $29.99 also in mahogany...

    If there is no one that can confirm for me that there will be no more new iPod holders this spring/summer, this little dude will be all up on my iPod.

    Opinions, thoughts and insight please! :sweatdrop:
  2. I don't think that there is anything odd about a man carrying a long wallet like the zip-around. Internationally it is far more common for men to carry similar wallets or clutches like that because it is convenient. Any man who carries more than a few cards either cannot or should not cram it all into a folded block and stuff it in his pocket! It is not only unflattering, but anything that comes out of the wallet looks a mess, too!

    I think it is a great buy! I know nothing about the ipod holders, though.
  3. OK, I just love how you called your items "dude" and "he" - since many gals around here (including myself) refer to our items as "she"/"her"!!!

    I think you could rock that wallet - go for it!
    I especially love that iPod case - haven't heard if there will be any more this spring.
  4. I think you will look great with the wallet. These wallets are GREAT, and very functional! I know a guy with an LV zippy wallet :smile:
  5. I think you made a good choice. If you love it, you'll rock it!
  6. Go for it!:tup:
  7. id scoop it up if i were you, its one gorgeous wallet! and for such a great price too. i would get the ipod case too. i just bought one off of eBay for $40 but in the khaki/mahogany combo.
  8. get it! I have an Ali, how homo can I get? im JK! hahaha I do have an Ali though....... so that wallet is really masc to me. I actually need one in black/gunmetal to match some of my chelsea accessories. Go for it dude.

  9. reynaldoc, OMG , how funny are you!:roflmfao: I'm sure that Ali is stunning on you !!! You go for it and I like that in a person!:yahoo:
  10. samurairoki, You are fabulous! :yahoo: I think the wallet would be just fine for you. Go for the ipod case too, I've been trying to find one , anything at this point, and I never have any luck!
  11. I think the wallet and ipod would look great on a guy, the colours are masculine and the shape and style is pretty simple and uncomplicated. My ex boyfriend/boyfriend/its complicated has a similar wallet except it has the Tasmanian devil on it :rolleyes: I am pretty sure he would want something a lot more classy like that if he could afford it.

  12. :lol::lol:. Reynaldo is right, go for it. If you like it and you feel comfortable with it you will ROCK if for sure. If you are not sure about the wallet I'd recommend you to get something better.

    BTW Reynaldo you totally rock the Ali.:okay:
  13. hey now thats not TOO old school. i just got it for xmas LOL
  14. OK girls and boys. I got both the iPod holder and the Sig Stripe accordian wallet I couldn't contain myself. Here are the new guys with my sig stripe skinny and my flat mailer. The SAs had a wristlet to match my set, but I just couldn't justify that too. I took the wrist strap off the iPod holder and attached it to the wallet. It's a mutch: a man clutch. :supacool:

  15. :roflmfao: