A Guy Using A Caramella for School .... Acceptable?

  1. So I have a question..

    I've visited the LeSportSac boutique three times this month.. I keep going back to the "Limited Edition" Caramella displayed in the glass window of the shop.
    I think it's really cute.. and the toy attached to it is Adios the Grim Reaper, which I don't think is girly at all... I'm a guy , and I'm not gay (although I have no problem with gays whatsoever)... So I'm kinda self-conscious..

    I just wanna use the caramella as a pencil case for school.. Would that be ok? Or too girly?

    Your thoughts please!

    I know I shouldnt care what people think, but I do , so .... Your honest opinions pls!

    (The print on the caramella has a gray background with that Adios character and other characters as well, but colors are mainly gray, brown, etc. Sorry Im new to Tokidoki so I dont know the names hehe)
  2. If I saw a guy using a tokidoki Caramella at school, I would think it was AWESOME!
    Do it!! It's totally acceptable.
  3. ^^What she said. :yes:
  4. Go ahead! I think it's cute. Haha!! My boyfriend even has a Denaro :]] (But I bought it for him, and I make him use it. xD)
  5. The print sounds like Trasporto - and it's very masculine IMO - go for it! :tup:
  6. It's definitely acceptable in my book! My boyfriend has one of almost every caramella (he's not gay either) and he uses them to take his vitamins/supplements for the day. I think a guy with a caramella is totally hot! ;)
  7. Go for it! I wish I could find a carmella in person, still never did!

    I have a pretty good toki collection.

    Its at...

    -- Tutti - BV, Ciao Ciao, Nuvola, Campeggio, Porto and Gioco
    -- Inferno - Ciao Ciao, and Denaro
    -- Notte - Campeggio, and Canguro
    -- Vacanze - Ciao
  8. Nice collection REYNALD0C especially the inferno ciao ciao :biggrin:

    OP: For myself, I'd think it would rock! Actually I would be totally jealous and eye you down ;] haha but that would be awesome seeing a guy do that! I'm sure to those who don't appreciate tokidoki, they would think it's weird like those "umm.. you have a weird cute japanese looking bag?" and the excuse you'd have to give is like "my friend gave it to me so I have to use it".

    I'd say USE! You'll attract girls who know their tokidoki stuff then! ^__^
  9. Do it!! A cute girl would probably notice it and start talking to you about it, I know I would, lol.

    I finally decided to buy the caramella today. I went to Central Mall but they had no more tokidoki items left!!!! They said that tokidoki has finished collaborating with LeSportSac and that all of their old stock have been sold!!!! Gosh ..

    I went to Siam Paragon instead and they only had one more Caramella left!!! And its not even in that gray (transporto?) design I wanted!! It was the pirate one...

    I went home and called the LeSports boutique at Siam Discovery and they said that they only had one tokidoki item left in their shop.... A GRAY CARAMELLA WITH THE ADIOS DOLL!!!! The one I wanted!! Unfortunately, I cant go there today anymore 'cos it's late and I live far away from that mall... I can only go there next week, and the girl at the shop informed me over the phone that the Caramella would probably be long gone by then.. I asked her to keep it for me until I claim it next week and she said ok.....

    However Im still worried... What if she decides to sell it???

    I cant believe there r no more tokidoki items in thailand..... All thats left r those boring LESportSac ones with the black background :sad:

    I just continue to hope that they really did hold that caramella for me at Siam Discovery..... It's my last chance of getting one

    I hope the woman at the phone keeps her promise.
  11. I think the Transporto theme is masculine enough, so I say go for it as well! That's a cool idea to use it as a pencil case! ^_^

    Oh sad, I just read your last post and I can't believe they're almost all out! I guess just hope that the lady will keep her promise and will hold onto it for you. Is there anyone you could give you a ride to that mall earlier than next week? Otherwise you could always stalk eBay until you find one similar. Best of luck!!
  12. Aw I'm sorry that the store was sold out! But as to your question I say do what you want and don't care about what others think. (Personally I think its awesome to see a guy with tokidoki)
  13. I think the Transporto, Tutti, and to a certain extent Foresta prints are fine and unisex. But if you had girlie prints like Citta Rosa or an Amore, I'd be wondering if you were a girl in your past life.
  14. i think a guy using a tokidoki item as a pencil case is awesome. hopefully you'll still be able to get it from the store that has it on hold. if not, u could check out the eBay sellers in the stickies and maybe they have something for you too. :smile:
  15. did you end up getting the caramella? :smile: