A Guy in need of some help...

  1. Hey guys, am in need of some advice...

    Okay, I have plenty of bags that I use when I go out in the daytime, messengers, totes, satchels etc...

    But am at a loss of what would be suitable for a straight guy to carry when I go out at night with my friends for dinner, etc... It doesn't seem appropriate to be carrying my big bags.

    Anyways, it's really inconvenient for me to not carry anything because when I go out, I bring my wallet, cellphone in its Bottega Veneta pouch and my digital camera in its Gucci case at the very least, and it really ruins the streamline of my pants and coat to be stuffing them into various pockets...

    Is there anything I can carry without looking camp or effete? Thanks!
  2. Woo first post! what about a gucci messenger?


    or the louis vuitton pochette bosphore?

    both i think look good on men, plus you can put it across your body and forget about it really

    hope this helps x
  3. Yeah, I can't possibly imagine myself wearing a hip bag... And the cuff doesn't seem like a practical thing for me, since I need something to put all the stuff in, not just my cash...
  4. It's nice, but I don't know whether that'd be suitable for a guy though...
  5. Hmm... if I find anything I'll post it on here! All the bags that are ever in Men's sections are massive... I imagine that's not really what your looking for in an evening bag, right?
  6. Thanks! Yeah, cos I already have plenty of big bags...
  7. [​IMG]
    eLUXURY - Dior - CD Dior Vintage Small Messenger

    How about a Dior Homme coated canvas small messenger? It looks really urban and understated...people have to come close to you to see the logos (they're a lot less visible IRL than they look in the Eluxury pic).
  8. Definitely go with a messenger! How about these Pradas?


    These are all from Bluefly.com
  9. Ooh, I like the Dior Homme one... Doesn't look too big, seems perfect for an evening out... Do you think it'd be cheaper in Paris, cos I'll be going there during my Easter break?
  10. Yes I think it'll be cheaper in Paris! Dior charges more for their US/Canadian items because they have to be "imported", so the French prices should be better. I'm not too sure if UK prices are a bit higher than French prices, though.

    Jill (one of the moderators) purchased a My Dior bag at the Ave. Montaigne boutique and it was cheaper than the American prices.
  11. I think this designer got her start by designing bags for men. I can't post direct product links since her site is Flash driven.

    When the first bags were made, apparently Pierce Brosnan was so impressed he called the designer directly to track down the product.

    This one's small enough for evening needs
    This one's a day bag