A Guy Cry

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  1. A Guy Cry

    ''Shawshank,'' ''Backdraft,'' anything with boys and their dogs... Here are the flicks that'll jerk tears out of the toughest guys

    Editor's Note: Last week on EW's PopWatch blog, staff writer Joshua Rich linked to a list Today compiled of seven movies guaranteed to make men cry: Dead Poets Society, Gladiator, Legends of the Fall, The Notebook, Rudy, Saving Private Ryan, and Titanic. Naturally, many of you had your own picks to share...

    Dewd, the minute Morgan Freeman starts his final monologue I have a Pavlovian reaction and start losing it. —Mozz

    At the very end, as the camera pulls away and Red and Andy embrace... Nnnnnugh. —Christopher

    When Bruce Willis throws Affleck back in the spaceship and tells him he has to take care of his little girl. In college, when we traveled for sports Armageddon was a top choice. Nothing quite like seeing 25 hockey players putting their hands over their faces at the same time to cover the tears. I'm getting weepy just thinking about it. —BC

    Okay, my two: Terms of Endearment. Oh man, that scene when Debra Winger is about to die and talks to her son for the final time? I can't even fully describe that scene without choking up. And Steel Magnolias (pictured) when Julia Roberts dies. —Joe C

    I've seen Steel Magnolias a 100 times & I still cry like a baby when Sally Field gives her speech at the cemetery. —Anonymous

    Love Story — the part at the end, when the girl dies and Oliver goes outside and tells his dad ''Love means never having to say you're sorry,'' and then they start up the music and it just creates a moment of ultimate travesty. —Chris

    Amélie. It was embarrassing because I saw it in the theater and had to pretend I was cleaning my glasses. —furry_tom

    I've long said that I can't be friends with someone that doesn't cry at the end of Field of Dreams. The best thing about that movie is that, by and large, women don't ''get'' it. It's a movie about fathers and sons, for fathers and sons. —adam

    Oh jeez, Field of Dreams. Was a total wreck after that movie. Like, all over the hem of my shirt and both sleeves, sobbing. I guess we all have our dad issues. —J
    I can't even watch it anymore since my Dad passed away. I need a tissue. —bud

    I was on a cross-country flight in the middle of the day when a so-called ''children's film,'' My Dog Skip (pictured, top), came on as the in-flight entertainment. Ninety minutes later about a dozen grown men had tears streaming down their faces — me being one of them. —TVNATION

    My Dog Skip. My mother DRAGGED me to that film. We sat through the entire credits because I was sobbing. I miss my dog. —Tyler

    I am secure enough to admit that the going-away party scene from Snoopy Come Home never fails to put my tear ducts in overdrive. —phredd

    My dad always cries when he sees Old Yeller (pictured, bottom) and Where the Red Fern Grows — both dog movies. And my dad is a very tough old guy. Those ones always get to him, though. —nay-lo

    shawshank_l.jpg armageddon_l.jpg steel_l.jpg fieldofdreams_l.jpg dogs_l.jpg
    The Big Moment is when Robin Williams shows Matt Damon he's got the pictures from when the boy has been beat up, and we hear about his abusive father. Then he looks at him, and keeps saying, ''Will, this was not your fault'' until Will at last lets all his barriers down. ANYONE not cry during that??? You'd have to be made of stone. —Alan

    Every movie in this category is a distant second at best compared to Brian's Song: ''I love Brian Piccolo. And I'd like all of you to love him too. And so tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.'' I'M CRYING ALREADY! —dj

    The sequence near the end of Big Fish where Billy Crudup FINALLY reconciles with his dad (Albert Finney) right as his father's dying. He narrates his final story as if it were one of his father's tall tales. The only reason my girlfriend at the time didn't notice I was crying was because she was crying too. —Ceballos

    This is going to sound weird, but one scene that gets to me is when a mortally injured Kurt Russell is laying in the midst of a flaming warehouse fire and he looks over at his brother, William Baldwin, taming a raging fire and he says to two other nearby firefighters with unmistakable pride, ''That's my brother, Goddamnit!!'' That's good stuff. —Darryl

    If you don't start tearing up at the end when they've got the kid shooting hoops in the gym by himself while they're playing all of the lines from the movie in the background...damn, that's just cold. —Robert
    goodwill_l.jpg brianssong_l.jpg bigfish_l.jpg backdraft_l.jpg hoo_l.jpg
    I cried for the first time (partially out of guilt/ignorance) in about 15 years while watching... I know it's not necessarily a ''guy's movie,'' but I was just overcome by everything that was going on and the fact that in 1996 (I was 16) I had no idea that any of this was going on. I didn't watch the news at that time and they never told us about it in school. —Torin
  4. While most of our commenters nominated films not mentioned on the list, one of Today's picks really did resonate...
    I'd put it on the top of my list too. I broke down for a good 10 minutes after Hanks' character said, ''Earn this.'' —Rahul

    That one scene where they are landing on the beach... That one guy that has his intestines hanging out — he's in shock and reverting back to his childhood and yelling for his mom. That's a brutal, brutal scene. That made me cry...and miss my mom. —Phantom