A Gucci Goodie for my bday (and a little something from T & Co. as well) ***pics***

  1. for my 32nd bday, my hubby bought me this cute shouder/clutch bag. i love it! i started my handbag collection with gucci and will always love this brand. :yahoo: i also got a little something from t & co. as well. enjoy the pics!
    bdaygucci1.jpg bdaygucci2.jpg
  2. Congratulations and happy birthday.
  3. Happy B-day!! I'm a January baby too!! Cute bag!
  4. my birthday is actually dec 31st. but i was born at 11:30 pm so i was almost a january baby. :yes:
  5. ^Congrats & Happy Birthday! The more I see that bag the more I like it!! Enjoy!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Wow, love it!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  7. Beautiful Bag! Happy Belated Birthday!
  8. Congrats, it's adorable ! :yes:
  9. I LOVE that clutch...TDF!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  10. love that bag! that bracelet is a beauty as well! Happy Birthday!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Congratulations and Happy Belated! My dad is a New Year's Eve baby as well!
  12. ooooh...tres chic! Love the bag! Happy Birthday!
    I'm a fellow January b-day girl as well...now I'm excited about what I might be getting!
  13. congrats
  14. thanks! it's actually a necklace. :yahoo: it was exactly what i wanted.
  15. Very cute items! Congrats and Happy Birthday Belated! :biggrin: