a GUCCI cell phone to match your GUCCI bag?

  1. Nice!!! looks kinna wide though, hmmm i wonder if it works with tmobile.. if so, im all for it.. lolz :tup:
  2. .... um yes please? where can I get one?
  3. It works with T-Mobile and AT&T.
    I'm too impatient to wait for it!! Auughh! SO I'm just gonna settle for the Prada LG for now.:yahoo:
  4. that prada phone is nice too, where can i get one.. and is it compatible with tmobile?
  5. The Gucci mobile looks nice. You see (and no one get offended please, not trying to) I am very fussy when it comes to certain things. I own certain brands of handbags, shoes and clothes cos in my opinion they are good quality and the best. I wouldn't buy something just for the brand. When it comes to mobiles, computers, or any other sort of electronics it comes down to quality, specifications, etc.

    I personally wouldn't buy a mobile based on the brand that has been whacked on it. Not saying that you ladies do! Don't want to get bashed here... :noggin: I heard of the LG Prada but cos it was LG there was no way I would consider it. I know LG has faithful followers but I do not like it for a few reasons and personally think there are other brands out there that get mobile phones right, or better compared to LG.

    Not to say I would never buy the Gucci phone. It looks good to me, very stylish. But from the pic I probably (actually definitely) wouldn't buy it. Only cos it looks like a flip phone and when it comes to mobiles, imo the lesser moving parts the better. There is just more that can go wrong with a flip phone, and I'm not saying all flips are like that. I'm pretty happy with my Sony Ericsson.

    But yeah... sorry for the boring post ladies, I'm a mechanical engineer which is probably the reason. :busted
  6. I think its cute... but I too am very picky and I have to say that I must have a full keyboard as I do about 8-10000 texts a month WOW!!! My hubby gets on me all the time for that:shrugs:

    Anyhoo I love both of my phones LOL my treo 755p AND my new sidekick lx(which i still this is a bit too young for me)
  7. haha i just have to have it compatible with my tmobile. But im using the blackberry pearl, and this phone is IT!!! text, web, BB messenger, very nice, email.. my little handheld computer on the go ;)
  8. Hi, B
    Just my words :yes: - but I am happy with Samsung
  9. btw these pics were released at LEAST a year ago!!! and im pretty sure it was just a phony!! sorry guys i was excited too but someone made up those photos just to screw with our pretty little heads! :sad:

    (at least thats what i heard! :smile: )