a "grown up" bag?

  1. hi ladies and gents,
    i need your help, iv decided its about time i got myself a smart ladylike bag before i start internships later this year and since i cant afford a kelly or a birkin :p it has to be LV. i am open to any fabric but it must be structured and lady like and priced around £400 - £600, thats anything up to $1200ish.
    so any suggestions to turn me into a "grown up"?

    but iv already decided the alma isnt for me!
  2. maybe the Damier Hampstead? it's a shoulder bag, which always helps :yes:
  3. Maybe something from the Epi collection, like an alma or passy?
  4. Just a bit over your budget, maybe you can make it....

    I love the Riviera, very ladylike.

  5. tink i love that bag! it look so chic!
    im off to investigate.
  6. I really love the Jasmin as a classic lady-like piece. There's also the new Epi Bourget city bag -- which seems like it might be gorgeous IRL (sorry, haven't seen it IRL), but I don't know the price either.
  7. should have said in my first post, i carry quite a lot with me too.
    and im open to second hand (that way i could get 2 instead of 1:graucho:)
  8. A black epi alma or lockit would be nice. Or is you want something monogram Vavin GM or Cabas Mezzo, and for Damier the Chelsea would be nice.
  9. [​IMG]

    Here is my red one :smile:
  10. tink, i think you have totaly sold me on that one! especially in the red.
  11. That is a beautiful bag.
  12. I saw a lady a couple of weeks ago with a black epi passy I've never seen one before IRL but it is gorgeous! It goes over your shoulder and is a good size if you carry lots
  13. I've always admired the Riviera, I like the shape. How is the size like, is it really small?
  14. ^^^no, it fits quite a bit, it is actually a cosmetics travel bag..that's why the luggage tag, but I love it!