A great vintage Classic flap vs new Reissue

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  1. Hello,
    My first chanel was a reissue 225. I opted for this style as it's more understated.
    I, however, came across a 9 series dark beige M/L gold hardware in impeccable condition (looks like never used). It really is a beautiful bag and the quality amazing.
    The issue is I have not worn it. I like the look of the classic flap but feel self conscious to wear it and will likely never wear this bag. I been debating to keep it and hand down to family or to consign and re-home and get another Reissue (225 RHW).
    My dilemma is that the CF is of such amazing quality and although I feel that I may not wear it, whether to just keep it for now.

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  2. Hi Ramai-- wow, that is a stunning, classic piece! These bags do hold their value quite well so you can always hold on to it a bit longer until you've fully decided, the value will still be there. It's always great to have some variety in your handbag collection and the Chanel CF is to a collection what the little black dress is to a wardrobe, in our opinion! However, these bags are a hot commodity and I'm confident there is another bag lover out there who would be excited to give this beauty a second home and proudly wear her well. If you have any questions about consigning in Canada, don't hesitate to reach out!
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  3. That bag looks absolutely perfect; I can't believe it's a 9 series! The quality is impeccable. I would keep it!
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  4. It really is perfect. That's why I'm conflicted.
  5. That bag is gorgeous and in such amazing condition. I would keep it. Vintage Chanel is also way better quality than today's Chanel
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  6. Keep it and pass it down to a family member if you don’t see yourself using it! It’s gorgeous!
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  7. It's so beautiful! As long as it brings you joy - either using it or at least staring at it in your closet - keep it! If it doesn't bring you joy, sell!
  8. Keep it! Use it, it is lovely
  9. It’s a gorgeous bag but if it’s not something I see myself using then I would sell. I was in a similar situation as I had the m/l classic flap in blk caviar first and never wore it much. I added the reissue style (225 and 227) and they are among my most used Chanel bags. I ended up selling my m/l flap. Good luck with your decision!
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  10. It's a shame but it does not make my heart sing:sad:.
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  11. Definitely sell if you do not see yourself using and enjoying it. Don’t keep it just to sit in your closet. Buy something you will love!
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