A great turn on a rotten day :-)

  1. I just won $500 on a Florida instant lottery ticket! My day was going so badly and this turned it right around! Not really a question but do you see this is found money? I want to blow it on a bag of course but there is a little twinge of guilt around me about doing that.
    Tell me I'm nuts and tell me to go spend it!
  2. You are nuts, go spend it :biggrin:

    Congratulations on your winning. That's great.
  3. yay! buy something fuuuun :smile:
  4. WOW! Okay, you're nuts!:wacko: But $500.00 richer nuts! (okay, that sounds strange):blink: - you know what I mean. Spend it well!
  5. Congrats! Makes me want to go out and buy a lotto ticket now! If you don't need it to pay for bills, etc, then buy a bag you've been wanting or put it towards a bag you've been dying for. If nothing strikes your fancy, then I say dunk it in your mutual fund.
  6. Oh congrats! Go spend it on something fun!
  7. Tthe guilt lasted about 3 seconds. The bills are paid and no one is wanting for anything important so now it's just what bag I want to buy
  8. Congratulations lucky girl!!! Go spend it on something fabulous :biggrin:
  9. COOL! :nuts:
  10. Spend...spend...spend!!!
  11. Go spend it!!! Shopping therapy rocks :heart:

    I hope your day gets even better! ;9
  12. You are nuts, now go and spend it.:lol:
  13. Definately found money!!! SPEND!!!
  14. Congratulations,Now go buy yourself something nice an be sure to give us a peek when you get back :biggrin: .
  15. No..it's FUN money. enjoy!!