A great Tattersall Coach Christmas

  1. I really racked up!

    Can you tell I love Tattersall?


    I also got the umbrella (in another photo), Legacy bracelet, and a chocolate signature hat & scarf.

    I had NEVER seen these boots and my sis got them in a Macys in Dallas.
  2. LOVE the rain boots! Congrats on all of your lovely tattersall goodies!
  3. not Tattersall and some non-Coach

  4. WOW... that must have been one terrific Christmas opening up all of those gifts!!! Congrats. :biggrin:
  5. Damn that beats my Cup o Noodles!!!
  6. I love the rain boots with the tote, WTG on a great christmas..
    I don't ever wear rain boots, do you think you will get much use out of them?

    I think they would look great on my girls tho..
  7. I really Love your sneakers and the tattersol tote. I think I am getting those sneakers.
    You are such an enabler! Congrats on it all!
  8. I got that same scarf! isn't it so cuddly?

    looks like you had a wonderful christmas! Wear it well!
  9. Coachfreak:

    Can you please tell me the item number for the sneakers and where you purchased them. I tried calling Coach and they don't have any information on this sneaker.
    Is it a department store exclusive? thanks, Liz
  10. Love all your goodies! The cuff bracelet is tdf!
  11. Wow Congratulations.
  12. OMG! If you are looking for a new BFF, I'm up for the job!! :p

    I LOVE your boots and your Gucci bag! You had an awesome Christmas!!!
  13. Yes they are dept exclusive. I tried to get a store to order me a pair ( I had to get the displays which bothered me) but Coach boutique said no. I would still call JAX with the item number I gave you and see what they say.
  14. Nice haul!! Enjoy all your new goodies.
  15. I love the tattersall :heart:

    I got the planner, the scarf and the pony scarf. I do want to get that tote though, the rainboots are cute but I don't think I'd end up wearing them much.