A great surprise after an awful day.

  1. Ladies and gents,

    Presenting,.......35cm Birkin in Evergrain and PH. Colour is Havane. Instant strip! No tease! And guess what???...it was a surprise!!

    The Story: The day started badly, BH asked me to go and run errands today.....something I totally dislike. To make matters worse, it involved going to three banks in three different parts of town(but hey, Penang is about this () big!LOL....the insurance agency, the travel agency.

    And then, he told me to be ready for dinner by 7.....which is next to impossible as I started the day terribly late at 1pm. And why? Errands! Needless to say, after all that rushing, I was in a foul mood. And when I met him, he said in the most patronising way, "Have you done all your chores? Cinderella can't leave and go to the ball if her chores aren't done.".

    I cannot type what I uttered in reply. Suffice it to say, there were two words, and the second word was 'Off!".

    He laughed and told me if I was rude, he wouldn't give me my new present from my favourite Orange Store. Shallow hussy that I am, my demeanour changed instantly.

    And voila........And now, the more important issue belowmentioned.

    The Problem: How do I tell him that I've already ordered a 50cm bag and will be going to Paris to collect it. And worst of all, how do I tell him what all of you must be thinking...."If Eric thinks his 40cm Birkins are too small, what the @$^&$ is he plannign to do with a 35 cm bag??!"

    The Leather: I am not a major fan of Evergrain. There are many reasons. Too fragile, scratches/scuffs easily, dull and matte, too soft.

    The Colour: I already have a Birkin in Havane!!! And on Evergreain, it's maroon.

    The Man: Sigh......I am overjoyed but seriously, the man may be a brilliant entrepreneur, possess perfect standards of social etiquette but really(!!), there are moments where like this, when he doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. Oh no...I don't get it. Is this some sort of alpha male mentality? Like cars for example, does one need to BMWs? One 5 Series and the other, the 3 Series or something? Oh dear.....
    Photo 33.jpg Photo 35.jpg Photo 37.jpg Photo 43.jpg
  2. I just realised how awfully ungrateful I sound.....oh no. I'm sorry.:crybaby:
  3. Eric, she's a beauty, can you take some pics in daylight, are you thinking of returning her? She will get snapped up I'm sure. Why don't you take BH to Paris as a surprise treat and 'accidentally' discover as if for the first time, your dream 50cm?

    Oi! Stop blowing smoke at her, LOL!!!!
  4. What a great bag, Eric!

    Your BH sounds like an awful tease! :p But like you he seems to have fab taste. (Personally, I think if one can possibly afford it, one can't have too many birkins or BMWs. To the connoiseur each piece is different from the next.)

    You really don't like evergrain? Maybe you'll change your mind. It's a gorgeous gorgeous leather! And in havane it must be stunning.

  5. Eric, You crack me up!! I love your story and your Birkin is just gorgeous. Perhaps not the most in tune to details BH (what is BH?), but certainly thoughtful!
  6. BH = Better Half??????

    Eric, it's a beautiful bag, wish I could give you some advice!
  7. Eric, LOVE your story (as usual!) and your BH sounds wonderful! I really don't have an advice to give you (as this situation is sort of tricky and I don't know how sensitive your BH is) but the bag is GORGEOUS!!!:love:

    P.S. LOVE the second pic!
  8. I need to think on this one....hmmm...I have to say that it was ever so lovely to have purchased this for you, but I have to agree with you...you need a larger bag! I need some time on this one.
  9. I also don't think you are ungrateful...maybe frustrated and in a tough position...we all have been there.
  10. Hi Eric! First of all I think Congratulations! is right, because you have such a great BH & of course a Birkin!!!! Yay!!!:yahoo: Hmmmm..... I think there are so many ladies out here who'd love to love that Birkin:graucho: , will you just grin & tote it or come clean??????
  11. Oh-kaaay.....I am writing this in the restaurant! LOL. The Better Half(BH) is chatting away with his business partners, whom I affectionately and in private, have taken to calling, "The Big Swinging D1c_s Party". I have the wonderful excuse of NOT getting any work done from 9 to 1 hence the need to slip away and reply to very important emails(this one, for example) to very rich and important clients(you guys).

    The possible decisions/options:

    1. I put the Evergrain in her box, all nice and snug and call Hermes, Kuala Lumpur and ask if they can exchange it for a 50cm. And no, I do not know how the BH will react but he will be told that , ahem, "you do not understand the situation".

    2. I sell it for a profit(hahaha...total profit, I might add) on eBay and use it to pay for my new Birkin.

    3. I give it to my mother - who has hinted that she wants one. No, that's just wrong....haha. I don;t know what to do......HELP!
  12. How about 4) take it back to the store for credit for the future - treat bh to an H tie or something to sooth wounded feelings and stick with your original plan with Paris, it's a big saving AND a holiday, lol
  13. Great advice allaboutnice! Yes indeed, Eric, try to call H store first before you sound it out to BH!
  14. I like this option!:yes:
  15. I say take it back for a store credit. Maybe you can use the credit internationally?