A great RED chanel bag?

  1. Which of the styles do you think looks great in RED? I am looking for one. thanks
  2. i would choose the jumbo flap... i love marykate olsens jumbo and that red especially... too bad i cant get that now
  3. is the jumbo flaps readily available in stores? if yes, where can I get them as we don't have chanel where I am from:tdown:
  4. Ditto jumbo flaps.You might find one on eBay, or most dept stores do international shipping. You just have to ring round. Try a post in the shopping thread.
  5. perhaps this one , i honestly love it :tup:
  6. I wanted a red jumbo flap after falling in love with it here on tpf - but found a large red Madison in lambskin recently and bought it ....I love it.

    As of last Friday NM BH had a small version of the red Madison.

    The red is different than jumbo flap - but I love it!
  7. thanks girls. I will definitely call around for the jumbo flap!

    purrfect, thanks for the madison advice. Its just that I want the leather to be stiff and from the pics I see that the madison has soft leather.
  8. I would love to own a Red Jumbo Flap with new chains!
  9. Yes, it is softer and I will be honest I am sort of afraid of the bag...worried about getting it scratched up. I am careful with my bags - but unlike black which can hide a scratch or two ( with treatment) ...red is not so forgiving....

    Good luck on your hunt!!:tup:
  10. i love the E/W or medium/large flaps with new chain
  11. I'm in love with the new Expandable tote in red. It's TDF.

  12. o somebody please help me find a jumbo flap
  13. I also love the red expandable tote in Red!!! yummy!:tup:
  14. I would definitely go for a red jumbo flap.

  15. I second that! Mary kate and Nicole's bag is tdf!