A Great Problem to Have

  1. I'm pretty new to this forum but ever since I have been reading it I have grown more and more obsessed with Louis Vuitton and I've decided to make my first purchase! I am a college student so money is somewhat of an issue but with my birthday and Christmas coming up I will have some money to throw around, lol. The problem is I can't decide what to buy! I like small, subtle handbags so I was thinking of getting the Damier Navona, but it is pretty pricey. So I guess what I want are opinions. I am torn between the monogram pouchette accesories and the Navona.

    Also, to people that own the navona- how do you like it? Does it fit everything you need? I like the idea of the somewhat recognizable pattern but I also don't want to spend almost 400 bucks on something that nobody will know is lv, either. Anyways, thanks in advance for any advice! :heart:
  2. i know you're leaning towards the Navona, but if you're still trying to decide between that and the Pochette Accessoires, have you considered the Monogram Recital? it's similar to the Pochette Accessoires, but the top flap closure makes it so much more unique

  3. I'm also a broke college student, so I definitely know where you are coming from. I want the damier speedy 25 myself and it is going to take me awhile to buy it. I recently bought a burberry purse back in July. But I do like the one you suggested. I would go with the damier only because not everyone has it in comparison to the amount of people with the monogrammed stuff.
  4. I'm young too.... lol and between the 2 I like the damier one cuz you said that you prefer a more subtle look?..... However, I do agree with yeuxhonnetes! I love the recital! looked so nice on Victoria beckham! However, the recital is about 600$ i think.....so ya.....if you don't wanna spend more than 400$ then I would still go for the damier
  5. I've heard that the Damier Navona could possibly be discontinued and replaced by a Damier Pochette Accessoires...But just like Sandra said, the Recital is great because of its unique closure. Good luck!
  6. I like the navona, it fits slightly less than the pochette accessories.

    If you're patient, you can pay far less on eBay than 400$ ! ;)
  7. If you're deciding between pochette accesoires and navona you've come to the right place at the right time!! If you check in the LV subforum, ayla has just posted a thread not too long ago (within this week) comparing the two with some awesome pictures and that should be helpful to you!
  8. i agree with sandra, go with mono recital..

    and if u're willing to get used ones, im pretty sure let-trade has 1 on their site.

    HTH :heart:
  9. another vote for the mono recital ;)
  10. im a college student as well.

    and i think sandra is right, the recital is a better choice.
  11. another vote for the recital.........
  12. Monogram pouchette accesories.
  13. Lots of votes for the recital, but I think if I was going to splurge that much I would have to go with a speedy. I think I agree that the damier is best, but I still don't want to spend 600 bucks on a bag. I kinda like the navona but maybe I'll wait and see if lv comes out with a pouchette accesories with the damier print.
  14. recital
  15. yes, i agree with sandra, try recital :smile: