A Great Present!!

  1. For Christmas my mother got me a subscription to yellowboxbeauty.com. She got me a (3) month subscription, so for three months I've gotten great make-up delivered to me. I've loved every shipment I've gotten. The presentation is great too. It's in a yellow box with a pretty black bow on it. If anyone needs a gift idea, this is a great one.
  2. How cool! I'll have to check that out. Are you happy with the quality of the makeup?
  3. Yes, I've been happy with quality of everything I've gotten.
  4. what kind of things do u get
  5. ^ Yes, tell us more!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. This sounds like something that my best friend would just love!
  6. In January, (1) eyeshadow, (1) cheek stain, (1) eyeliner, and (1) lip gloss by Rosie Jane Cosmetics.

    In February, I got Sparkling Body Shimmer, Moisturizing Body Butter, Bath Pearls, and Body Shimmer Puff by Nougat London.

    In March, I got a full set of make-up brushes by Adesign.

    My mother told me that when she ordered they asked what type of make-up cool or warm and skin tone, so they send complimentary colors.
  7. That sounds great! I want those brushes!