A GREAT Outlet Vacation!!!


Gotta have them all!
Jan 15, 2008
land of sand & hot
Hi all!

I just came back from an awesome vacation on Tuesday! The DH and I went to Vegas and Southern CA. It was my first time in LV and it was very fun seeing all the glitz and lights of "the strip." I didn't really gamble much, just hit a couple of slot machines and I think overall I lost $100 but it was fun! :P I've been to southern CA a lot so it wasn't anything new or special but I had fun as always since I loveeeeee the food/restaurants in southern CA.

Vegas is definitely a Coach lover's dream with THREE different outlets but I only went to two which was the Las Vegas Premium Outlet and the Fashion Outlets at Primm. The Las Vegas Premiun Outlet was really spacious and had a great selection, the Primm Outlet didn't really have much of a selection and had a much smaller space.

At the Premium Outlets I managed to snatch a Teal Gig for $375+ tax :yahoo:, Pond Ergo tote for $168 + tax, Bleecker wallet in rose $152 (this one was the most expensive but I had really wanted this wallet when it first came out and DH told me just to get it so I did), Bleecker wristlet in rose for $32, framed coin purse for $39, a crystal flower fob for $16, two seahorse lanyard for $9.99 each and a tattersall magenta ponytail for $29. :nuts: At the Primm Outlet I didn't really find anything I liked to I only got the patchwork scarf for $29 and the purse lanyard for $16--this one is really cute! :smile:

I thought that was it for my Coach shopping vacation but on the drive home to AZ we happened to drive by the Desert Hill Premium Outlets in Cabazone CA and DH suggested we stop by. So we did and I managed to get what I think is the great deal--my '07 Teal Legacy shoulder bag for $155 + tax! AWESOME!!! :tup: So overall I had a satisfying Coach shopping vacation!!!


Jul 25, 2007
Wow you did even better than I did at my vacation outlet trip! I love everything, especially that pontail scarf. I didnt see any of those and now everyone is getting them - what is it called? I'll have to settle for ebay for that one! Congrats and enjoy everything.


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
Holy cow you made out like a champ!!! What great finds (drooling over teal GiGi especially)!!! Oh and I just love that little coin purse -- too cute, I need to get one of those.