A great LV clip

  1. Thanks for posting.. I love watching how they make their trunks. I would love to see how they make their bags too!
  2. Wow, now I understand why the trunks are so expensive. There is a whole lot of work that goes into those things! Makes me want one even more. I just wish I spoke French so I could understand everything they said.
  3. thanks for posting! cool video!
  4. I understood everything that they said and you're right, there's alot of work that is put into it! He mentioned the work it takes just to make sure that the nails have this solid, "not-loose" feel such that the trunk is solid. The cotton linen has to be also cut very carefully so as to not allow for excess or strings/pulls loose.

    Very nice video OP - thanks so much! :p :heart: :p
  5. I don't know French but I love the clip! Thanks for sharing!
  6. :heart: Thanks for sharing :heart:
  7. oui oui louis vuitton ooh la la
    although i didn't understand a word, i loved the clip!
    thanks for sharing
  8. i didn't understand anything but "Louis Vuitton" :p

    Thanks for sharing though, I loved it!
  9. Thanks for sharing! :heart:
  10. that was so awesome!! I love watching how they make the trunk!! thanks for sharing!
  11. The first images are from LV"s home where the family lived for almost 100 years.
    Around the house are the factories where the trunks, the bags for the runaways and some of the SO are made since 1954.
  12. Thanks for posting.
  13. I really enjoyed that! Fabulous video! Thanks so much for posting!
  14. Thanks for sharing!