A Great Invention

  1. Hi gals, I jujst picked up a bag link from luxelink.com. I am not spamming...I just read about them on tmz.com. It's a link that attaches to a table to keep your bag of the ground. I thought it was a great invention and wanted to share. I am not associated with these people at all...just thought it was a perfect thing for us gals who want to keep nastiness off our Guccis.

  2. I read another thread about these and most people that have it love it.
  3. I also saw this in another thread! this is a great invention! Hope I'm gonna find it in my country!
  4. I just saw the TMZ story you were talking about. I LOVE TMZ.
  5. Ha, me, too! I also read perezhilton.com every morning over coffee. I used to live in West Hollywood, so it's all too familiar for me.

  6. Where is WH did you live? Where do you live now?
  7. I used to live on Norton Avenue, between Spaulding and Curson for 9 years. I now live in Austin, Texas. We moved just after my son was born because we couldn't afford a house in Cali. Our 4 bedroom/3 bathroom mortgage is cheaper than the rent on our old rent controlled WH apartment. I miss it terribly, though. The Beverly Center was like the Mothership to me :shame:

  8. I love the Beverly Center. They are remodeling it again. Making the escalators look more modern. I was surprised when I drove past there the other day the Hard Rock has closed and was all boarded up.
  9. I love purse hangers! My friends and DH think it's so funny when I use them at restaurants but they are great.

    I have 2. One with a big amber colored crystal and one with a flower. The purple hand I don't have any more. I figure 2 is good.
  10. that's great! Now I what one! I wonder how I'll look using one in class....
  11. Love these :biggrin: so handy!