A great idea for your LV Bandeau...I'm getting one!

  1. I came across this in the latest Elle mag and think it is a great way wear to wear your bandeau...especially if you have a hard time working one into your hairstyle.

    What do you think?
  2. interesting- i'm not crazy about it to be honest. but headbands have always hurt my head (a big head and lots of hair). maybe thats why i'm not feelin it.
  3. I'm not really feeling it either..guess I have to see it on an actual person..
  4. I like it!
  5. i really like it; i don't know if i would put a louis vuitton bandeau in it though b/c you wouldn't really be able to see the design but i would be really cute with different colored scarves to match your outfit.

    i :heart: headbands. i would wear them with every outfit if i had enough to match.
  6. I love it...I had been thinking about doing this to one of my cheap headbands (holes in the end so I can weave a bandeau in there). I can only keep a bandeau on my head for like three minutes and that is with bobby pins.
  7. cool!
  8. very pretty way to wear a bandeau! thanks for sharing!
  9. Pretty unqiue, I'd try it.
  10. Interesting..I actually really like just putting in one of the grippy material headbands (like a bra strap) in first, then putting the bandeau over it. It stays pretty much all day that way and my hair is really thick, too.
  11. i DO wear mine like that actually..... I always have because some days I'll have a bad hair day and this is the only thing that'll work! I did this a lot in the summer too :smile:
  12. Oh I really like it! It's very different!
  13. i love it! i never wear my mc bandeau in my hair because its waaay too ostentatious (sp?) i will totally buy this!
  14. Mine would NOT stay in my hair, so I sold it!
  15. Okay so today when I was out shopping I ran into Ulta and they tell me that they normally stock this headband; they were stocking their shelves and think that some more came in, but they didn't have them out yet. I didn't have time to wait, so, I will run out that way tomorrow and see if they did. If all else fails, I saw that Ulta had them online as well.