A great friend but....

  1. So I have a really good friend that I have known for many years. I love her to pieces! :love: She is a great friend and person and loves Coach but, she buys FAKE coach. She thinks I'm crazy to pay more than $100 for a bag.
    I went to a purse party at her house (looking not buying!!:wtf:). The bags were so hideous I could not hide my disgust. They had some "Kate Spade" that she never even made! The "bag lady" even tried to convince my friend that it wasn't illegal because "for all we know these bags are REAL". NOT!:yucky:
    Anyway I went into the room where the bag lady was checking people out and she spotted the bag I was carrying---my own design---and asked me if I would sell her some of my bags. What now??? I did not want to be associated with her in anyway and said no thanks!! She gave me her card in case I changed my mind--as if!---and the next day I looked her address up and called the police!:hysteric:

    So I guess my point is even GREAT friends can have bad taste:sad:.

    Thanks for listening!!:smile:
  2. wow thats horrible...that is like my mom she wont let me buy her a real coach bag she rather buy the fakes and i point out a million and one things wrong with it and she says no.....
  3. Sorry to get off topic but you make your own bags? That is so cool! I would love to see some pics!!! :yes:
  4. Thanks! I'll pm you...
  5. I'd love to see pics also!! One of my co-workers makes her own bags and they are sooooooooooooo cute!! She keeps meaning to make more to eventually sell, but she just doesn't have the time.
  6. You called the police? Was she really that bad?
  7. GOOD for you!!! :yahoo:
  8. I have two coworkers that buy fakes. One went to a purse party last week, and another is going to one tomorrow...it really stinks, but i'm nice to them about it. I haven't ranted about fakes in front of them, but I have said that I only buy the real thing. They're very nice about it, though.

    Good for you calling the cops on that stupid woman!
  9. I reported her b/c the fakes were so bad and so HIGH priced! For example: remember the small Coach tote with the oval bottom and adjustable straps? Maybe the signature lunch tote?? That was $80!!! And visibly a FAKE!
    And then there was the "it's not illegal...." Nope, no tollerance for that!
    I am nice to my friend about it. I smile and say nice! But she knows I only buy real. And hey, I guess there's more to life and friendship than bags right?!:p
  10. People will do anything for a buck!
  11. There should be more people like you , That's GREAT... HATE FAKES
  12. Good job! I would like to see some pics of your purses. the ones you make that's awesome!
  13. That woman and others like her take advantage of people who don't know any better so I'm glad you called the police. Good for you.