A Great Day

  1. My DH and I went pumpkin picking today and on the way home he asked me if I wanted to stop at the K of P mall since we were driving by there.
    I told him if I go in there, I will have to stop at Louis Vuitton. He said that he is well aware of that, so of course I said let's go.
    I had so much fun looking around and the SA are so nice there! I ended up getting 2 small luggage tags and the new catalog.
    I am also going to get the Pochette Bosphore in either Mono or Damier. They didn't have the Damier in yet, so am just going to wait.
    Halloween fun and LV shopping, what a great day!
  2. Sounds like fun! Are you going to carve any of the pumpkins? I love carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds!
  3. It's always great to hear a nice story! Your DH is very thoughtful to take you to LV! Congratulations on your LV purchases, your pumpkins, and your great day with DH!
  4. wow ... nice story, glad you had great day!
  5. Nice hubby, sounds like you had a great time. Show us when you the damier.
  6. Sounds good!, glad you had fun!
  7. aww, congrats! :smile:
  8. Sounds like a great day! :biggrin:
  9. Sounds like a fun day looking for pumpkins and LV's. Did you get your luggage tags engraved?
  10. Thanks everyone.
    Yes, I did get my initials on the luggage tags. I am picking them up tomorrow.
    We do the whole Halloween thing here. Carve the pumpkins, roast the seeds, go on a haunted hayride and visit several haunted houses. It is our favorite holiday :smile:
  11. Great hubby!! Mine won't step foot in LV....well, without whining and complaining! LOL
  12. Enjoy your new things!! Congrats !!!
  13. LV shopping is ALWAYS fun!
  14. What pumpkin patch did you go to??? I live in the area of King of Prussia mall, and yes, the SA's there are really nice! Going furniture shopping today near the mall....will be talking DH into stopping by LV today!!!!!
    Enjoy the pumpkins and tags!!!!
  15. Sounds like a fun day! Reminds me I need to get my decorations up!