A great day shopping!!

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  1. After the fiasco this morning with loosing the oak alexa on my wardobe right at the confirm payment page, i roped my sister into going to Bicester. I had never been there before and i thought i would go there so i could go to mulberry and see what all the fuss was about at the outlets!
    well it was a hour 1/2 journey but we go there!

    i walked into mulberry and was likw WOW!! so many discounted bags! we dont get that much in southampton:P
    they had all the bag in sections of colours and i walked round and was obviously drawn to the purples and pinks! i feel in love with a whole load of items. There was to many to choose from! (see outlet stock ive listed what i could remember)
    i was choosing between, a purple suede abigal, which i feel in love with was reduced to £395, a fushia daria clutch £207, abigal clutch £197! oh and a coral leopard bays clutch and a coral leopard charlie £110.
    i ummmed and ahhhhhed for ages trying them all on! and had to walk away and sit down somewhere for a cup of tea!
    i then went straight back and bought....
  2. I have the Charlie....And Love it so much.....What did you get...?
  3. yay, a reveal. what did you get???
  4. What did you get. The suspense is killing me.
  5. :popcorn:
  6. ooohhh what did you get? :woohoo:
  7. two bags...
  8. oooh, a bag and a purse???
  9. oh this is live !!

    i guess bag and purse also
  10. where is everyone??
  11. I'm still here, please show us!
  12. Im here too.....!
  13. Ohh great a live reveal, come on show and tell.
  14. I'm here too !
  15. I'm here. Really glad you got something exciting today x2!