A great day at the mall today!

  1. Well, I just spent about 7 hours at the mall today! My first stop was Le Sportsac to check out the Tokidokis since Simone Legno was going to be in person. While there I ran into a LV Manager who told me, "Stop buying bags!" since I was just there last week. She told me to wait for the heart key chain and get on the list. LOL

    My next stop was LV. I must say, the new red display was stunning and a real stopper. Couldn't resist it so I ended up with two little goodies (see pic) and also previewed the Taiga wallets that some of you recommended to me for a present for my DH.

    From there it was to Tiffany's to buy my daughter's 1st Bday gift then back to Lesportsac to get the autographs (see thread in bag forum). Anyhow, unbeknown to me until I logged on tonight I was standing next to a TPG member for 4 hours waiting for a sig. I had a suspicion because she knew all about Sophie and the heart shaped wallet. Too funny she wanted the Sophie which I had on hold at Ala Moana and I wanted the heart that she had on hold. Too bad I had already spent too much money by then to go and get the heart!

    If every day could be like this....I'd be in heaven! LOL
    today's purchases.jpg
  2. wow! sounds like you had an amazing day at the mall! i love your little goodie that you picked up from LV!! and lucky you for getting a sophie!!
  3. Sounds like a perfect day!
  4. NIIIICE!!! Congrats!
  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
  6. Nice pieces! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Congrats!
  7. What a great day and great purchases! The pomme d'amour is soooo pretty!
  8. Hey Colleen--ya shoulda came to Ala Moana today! We had a TPF Hawaii meeting!!!! LOL

    I talked to someone who actually got a call back for the new red heart!!!!
  9. congrats on the new stuff! yes the red display at ala moana is great! I forgot the tokidoki thing was today, I think I'm gonna go to Sephora when they launch the makeup isn't he suppose to be there too?
  10. hey xoAKIxo I was wondering if you'd be there too. He'll be at Sephora from 12-4 on Jan 12th. It was a little nuts at Lesportsac and I imagine it'll be even worse at Sephora. Too bad I have to work or I'd see you there. :smile:
  11. That's cool about the heart. Lucky her!! You sound like you had a great day. I can't remember the last time that I had a full shopping day. It's been too long!! :confused1:

    We had an errand day today. ....much less fun! lol!!
  12. Great purchases - love the Vernis!
  13. I am very, very lucky to have a patient husband and two kiddies that love to shop. May sound nuts but we usually spend our Sundays at Ala Moana walking around--I call it exercise!!!
  14. congrats!
  15. What a wonderful shopping trip, I love the cles!