A Great Black Bag

  1. I'm trying to look for a great black leather bag but, I have no idea about what I really want. I've been to Gucci and fell for a large black Indy Bag but, I've been looking online and they have some great Prada and Chanel bags. Do you any good advice of any really nice black bags? I need something large to medium size and it has to be less than 2500 dollars. I would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Hi!! Why dont you try Kooba Handbags. Just visit their site..
  3. If you are into the classic, timeless type bags, the Chanel Cerf (The large size ) is a fabulous bag, it comes in white, brown, black and it fits a lot. It has an extra long detachable handle so you can wear the bag cross shoulder or long, or use it with the regular handles., it also has a detachable make-up or whatnot pouch.....check the Chanel reference threads and you will see pics of it, price is around $2195 with tax I think, there is a chanel thread with the new prices. It is a great, forever, bag., can be worn with jeans or with suits etc.:heart:H
  4. I like Marc Jacobs...you can try their quilted bowler its a classic looking bag its around $1250 with tax originally I think...I have one in truffle and its gorgeous!
  5. How about Chanel grand shopping tote?
  6. I LOVE my Chanel Medallion Black Caviar bag. I use it almost every day. It's a perfect size and is so durable, timeless and classic! It will always be in style. It's not cheap but I consider it a investment!!!
  7. You can get the Marc Jacobs Blake in bag. I love love love it!
  8. Balenciaga.

    Or get yourself a few Rebecca Minkoff bags. :tup: