A great birth date site :)

  1. This site is soo cool. Tells you what day you were born on, when you were likely to have been conceived (that bit is slightly ewww!), and how old you are in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months etccc

    Birthday Calculator

    its good fun, you just put your date of birth in and it gives you a whole load of info :yes:
  2. There are 105 days till your next birthday
    on which your cake will have 27 candles.

    Those 27 candles produce 27 BTUs,
    or 6,804 calories of heat (that's only 6.8040 food Calories!) .


    P.S. thanks for posting
  3. this is pretty cool!! thanks!
  4. That's really neat! I love stuff like that. Thank you for sharing! :yes:
  5. That is so cool! Thanks for posting!
  6. double post
  7. Love the useless information at the end... Hey!!! Me and Willie Shoemaker share the same birthday!


    The question is...

    Who is willie shoemaker?
  8. cool! neat find! thanks

    it didnt ALL work for me though because i was 2 months early.. so i wasnt conceived when they said.. ew and its kinda creepy to think of that anyways.. ANYHOO, THANKS FOR POSTING HEHE
  9. Cool!
  10. that is so aweomse
  11. wasn't thrilled that all the candles on my next birthday cake can boile 4 oz of water...
  12. My plant is plantain! lol excellent.
  13. I love the lineup who shares my Birthday (May 19)...what an eclectic bunch :lol:

    Celebrities who share your birthday:
    Rachel Appleton (1992)Kevin Garnett (1976)Kyle Eastwood (1968)Grace Jones (1952)Joey Ramone (1951)Andre the Giant (1946)Pete Townshend (1945)Nora Ephron (1941)James Fox (1939)Malcolm X (1925)Ho Chi Minh (1890)
  14. a very cool site,i also tried what your name says about you,thanks for sharing.:yes:
  15. Hey, that's really neat! Did you know I have have the same birthday as Martin Luther King III?

    Thanks for posting it! I'm going to try the what your name says about you one now!