A Great Bag Called Marwari by Hermes

  1. Thanks girls! I tried it on as a messenger. It does look a wee bit awkward but it's doable. I would do it. I mean I've slung the Goyard fidji across the body at one point :smile: I don't mind looking silly if it means having an extra hand for the kids :smile:
  2. It's gorgeous indeed. Sampled this combination (etoupe clemence/ ebene hunter) at the store last week. It had beautiful toile lining like in the travel birkin.
  3. I just posted action shots of the Marwari in the reference thread.
  4. Birkin was common then when I lived in Paris a decade ago, and it was common when I lived to New York since. Just depending one's circle is.

    sigh, I'm still waiting for the next "perfect" bag...
  5. wish they sold an extra longer strap. the that would be perfect!
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    the marwari seem to hang more square one way, and more slouchy with the top almost collapsing into each other in another way. i love it more when it is slouchy :smile:

    tbestes, i think it was your action shot that converted me!
  7. hmmmmmmm am i sensing something :whistle::whistle::whistle:

  8. :angel:
  9. It's a beauty! I saw one at the Lyon store here in France, really classy! congrats!

  10. :devil::devil: let it out! hahaha:btdh:
  11. :lol:

  12. loveclemence, how's your marwari bag holding up?
  13. photos taken from my mobile phone which are not quite good.

    Image026.jpg Image025.jpg Image020.jpg
  14. hermesex, is that the etoupe? looooooove....! :love:
  15. yes, that's etoupe color.